Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Man, SNOWPOCALYPSE has a very different meaning in Virginia than it did in Massachusetts.

I mean, in MA, we'd get all the crazy news stories and breathless weather reports. But you know what else we'd get? SNOW. The kids' schools were both canceled over what I would estimate to be 0.1" of snow. I cleaned off my truck this morning by opening and closing the doors briskly. The roads - even the secondary roads - were down to bare pavement.

Now, it's understandable in places like Georgia, where even a light coating of snow turns a roadway into a skating rink. They don't have the equipment to handle things we take for granted like salting and sanding roadways. However, in Northern Virginia there's plenty of equipment to handle a light coating. If we received a foot of snow, I'd understand things being shut down longer - there simply aren't as many private snow plows in VA as in MA. There aren't enough subcontractors to rapidly clear all the roadways.

But no school over a dusting? I mean, not only did I not need 4WD this morning, I didn't even slip once. I even tried to break traction in the open parking lot at work and was unable to achieve a good slide. How can school be canceled if you can't even do proper donuts with an overpowered RWD pickup truck!?!?!?

The one good thing is that it's really helping to make the kids happy we moved to Virginia...

That is all.


Sailorcurt said...

It's actually quite strange because normally Northern VA gets plastered and we here down in Southern VA get nothing.

This time we were at the Northern edge of it. We got about 8 inches last night and maybe another inch so far today.

That's the most snow I've ever seen on the ground at one time here in the Tidewater area and I've lived here for over 20 years now.

The highways aren't in bad shape, but they're not even trying to get it off the secondary roads. If you're not in a 4wd here today and you're on the secondary roads, you're probably going to get stuck.

I saw bunches of sedans and 2wd soccer mom suv's spinning wheels while being pushed this morning. I even stopped and helped push one person out of a slick spot.

I think there are 4 people in my office today (out of about 20) and we all had 4wd vehicles to get here in.

Stretch said...

Snow closing are no longer based on actual weather.
Closures are based on ability of the county's lawyers to defend against law suites from accidents caused by weather.
They will, of course, deny anything so crass.

bluesun said...

It makes me happy that there's a crazy Italian guy trying to do donuts in the NRA's parking lot.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

That wasn't Snowmageddon. That was easy for around here. Wait til you see the real thing.

Old NFO said...

Stretch is correct... sigh

Cargosquid said...

Last week, during the last few days, my kid's school was closed because it was so cold. No snow at all.

And then the high school exams were cancelled because it just wouldn't be fair to have those tests after missing 3 whole days of instruction.


In my day, that would have been called, "three more days of study."

Welcome to Virginia.

Alien said...

Jay, what you're seeing in NOVA is mental pollution from across the river. Get used to it, you'll see it everywhere.