Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh, Those Evil Corporations!

A recurring theme in the Blame Game played by our illustrious Teleprompter-in-Chief is that large, faceless corporations are to blame for the stagnant economy, low wages, etc. They're greedy, unaccountable to the people, and magically responsible for all the ills in society (depending on who you listen to), and manage to do all of this while still managing to sell their products.

I'm sure our economic troubles have nothing to do with stories like this:

Part-time Illinios workers receiving lifetime pensions
Dozens of former elected officials in suburbs surrounding Chicago are collectively receiving tens of thousands of dollars a year in pension benefits, even though they mostly worked part time.

Besides the question of whether part-time work as an alderman, mayor or clerk deserves such benefits, critics say the payouts are an unfair burden on local taxpayers. Some say they also demonstrate a failure of the state's pension reform plan to go far enough in easing a crisis that has left Illinois mired in debt.
42 part time employees are receiving $200K a year for life. Now, that may not sound like a lot, granted, but it's part time politicians we're talking about here. Aldermen, mayors, and such that hold full-time jobs and work their elected jobs on nights and weekends. And here they are drawing a pension on their part-time work. Now, it's a few thousand a person, but it's money that could be better used in other areas.

How many extra teachers could that part time pension money cover? 3? 4? Maybe 2-3 extra police officers or firefighters could be brought on to help with crime and emergency response rather than giving a former city councilor $5K a year. It's really easy to blame some SuperMegaCorp for all the problems you face; but with stories like this - and this is hardly an isolated case - the real reason for the financial trouble is far more convoluted.

I wonder what kind of executive order will solve this issue?

That is all.

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