Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NoVA Blogmeet Update!

So, the last time we discussed a Northern Virginia blogmeet, we had decided on a date (Saturday, February 1st) but not a time nor place. With the 1st coming rapidly up (and considering that I'll be out of pocket at SHOT Show for all of next week), I think we need to nail down a time (I'm thinking somewhere around 7 or so) and a place (no real strong feeling here other than "not DC or MD").

From the first call, here are the folks that have indicated they would like to come:

Nancy R.
Nashville Beat
Wandering Neurons
Laura and Chris
Broken Andy
Turk Turon
Michael W.

Stretch has suggested the following locations:

Hard Times Chili Parlor, Fairfax City, VA. They have billiards.
Bungalow Billiards and Brew Company, Chantilly, VA
O'Sullivan's Pub, Herndon, VA
O'Connell's, Bilbo's, or Il Porto in Alexandria, VA

My experience with the Northeast blog dinners has been that, while the dinners are great, one drawback is that everyone's at a long table at a restaurant. You get to chat with the folks immediately around you, but not so much at the other end of the table. With that in mind, when we've been able to find a venue that has other options - like billiards - there has been more chance for folks to mingle. We can find a place with everything in one spot, or we could find a place to eat and then a pool hall afterwards.

I'll defer to locals for a good place (and one that won't have multiple kittens if folks are open-carrying), but let's get this nailed down.

That is all.


PA State Cop said...

I'm in. Just let me know where.

Sailorcurt said...

I don't know whether I count as a blogger any more since I only post once in a blue moon these days...and I can't guarantee anything because I travel for work so much, but so far I'm free on the 1st so unless something changes between now and then, I'll plan on being there.

Old NFO said...

I say we let Stretch coordinate with the respective places and make the decision. And add Joe the gunsmith to the attendee list. Another possibility might be a blog shoot at NRA either Sat or Sun, depending on what folks want. (We'd probably have an hour wait for 1-2 lanes, but if folks want to shoot...)

Turk Turon said...

Great! Looking forward to it.

Chris said...

I'm still in. No preference as to place.

Heath J said...

We're still in.

Laura said...

if i know MikeW, he'll come with us. i'll tentatively say he's in, as well. just need to know the deets. :)

Clinton said...

All of those sound good except bungalow's. They are anti CCW, who only allow on duty police to carry in their premises. Once you've figured it out, i'm down!

Wandering neurons said...

Since the 1st is a Saturday, anything is good for me. But even better, there's a gun show in Manassas that weekend. I propose we meet at the show, terrorize the place, then go for dinner.

Jay G said...


I ***LOVE*** that idea, WN.

Meet at the gun show in the afternoon, gawk, maybe spend some money, etc. then go for dinner nearby.

Everyone okay with finding something in Manassas?

Nashville Beat said...

I like it, too! Unfortunately, I have zero local intel on a decent place with billiards in Manassas, so I can't make any recommendations. Stretch, do you have any? Also, it would be nice if we designate a rally point at the gun show so those of us who have not met the others would be able to recognize fellow attendees.

Clinton said...

There is a hard times cafe in manassas right off of 234/66. Plus a really nice coffee bar/hookah place across the street from that. I live about 20 minutes from manassas, plenty of options there.

Cargosquid said...

I'm in! Coming up from Richmond.
Time and place? Wherever you guys want to meet!

Sounds great.

Laura said...

and confirmed, MikeW's in. gotta get a bed set up for him or something, it's gonna be a long day for him.

Larry said...

I'd like to get in on this as well. Probably won't be top-down ponycar weather though. :D

Larry said...

Belay my last, looks like I have a charity event happening that day.

Glenn B said...

Hi Jay,

Weather permitting, I would like to attend this one. I have not been keeping up on it all that much so please clue me in completely, via an email, if you get the chance. Another long drive just to be able to hang out with he who is compelled to wear man-skirts for a good cause. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B

Chris said...

The last Saturday before Lent, gun show, boon companions, beer, and recreational games? Can't wait.

Murphy's Law said...

In if I'm walking by then. Sounds like a great bunch.