Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Review: Lone Survivor

This past weekend I got to the theater to see "Lone Survivor", which is based on the book of the same name, a non-fiction account of Operation Red Wing where Navy SEAL Team 10 was ambushed while attempting to take out a high-ranking Taliban official.Three out of four members of the team were killed during the operation, as were other SEALs involved in an attempted rescue effort.

Some of the criticism of this movie comes from people that obviously have not seen it, nor would they care to. They claim it's some sort of rah-rah pro-military propaganda film, which I can only surmise comes from the fact that the movie centers on military personnel and does not have them actively eating babies. The good part about hearing drivel like this is that you can immediately dismiss the person stating such as a moron. This movie is about the four men involved, their interactions with each other and their fight to stay alive.

Caution: Warriors curse.

I found "Lone Survivor" to be fast-paced, well-written and acted, and quite engaging. Throughout the nonstop action is interwoven the backstory of the sailors involved, giving enough background to make the men human, rather than just cardboard action heroes. The two-hour movie moves fast - it felt like 15 minutes when it was done - and the last 5 minutes at the very end, when a montage of the sailors involved was shown, hit the hardest. Definitely have some Kleenex on hand in case the theater's ventilation system isn't up to clearing the theater of, um, dust.

"Lone Survivor" is one reason to give Hollywood some of your hard-earned money - we want them to make more movies like this.

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

Three words ... Read. The. Book.

Roger said...

The movie did fail to portray one of the more important facts about that failed raid. They did portray the combatants insisting upon retrieving their dead & wounded. They did not portray that later, the remains of the fallen seals were retrieved.
The several services all have highly trained, highly motivated unconventional warfare groups, Seals, Recon Marines, Army Rangers, spl forces, Air Force Para Rescue and more. The question remains however. Where do we find such men? Damn sure that there's not a progressive among them.

Old NFO said...

Good movie, but yes, read the book too!

RabidAlien said...

Just loaned out my copy of the book about Lt. Michaels (sorry, don't have the book here to consult title/author/correct names). Its about the LT leading the SEALs on that operation, not about the operation itself, but still a tear-jerker. I'm planning on seeing the movie...and I'm bracing myself for another "We Were Soldiers"-style emotional roller coaster.