Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #15

Today's car pic is another truck, actually. This is probably one of my favorite mini-trucks ever.

Yes, that is the GMC Syclone, a turbocharged and intercooled all-wheel-drive pickup truck that, with a four-speed automatic transmission, could beat Porsches and Ferrari's off the line. It accelerated from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds - faster than the 911 and the Ferrari 348ts. It pushed 280 horsepower out of that six cylinder engine at a time when V8s were lucky to break 200.

Unfortunately, they were also priced like sports cars - $28K in 1991, when a standard S-15 pickup would cost you maybe $9-$10K. Less than 3,000 were made in the two years that GM produced them, making them one of the rarest street rod trucks out there (on a par with the Dakota Shelby). If you ever happen across one for a reasonable price, scoop it up and store it safely.

The Syclone is definitely a "lottery" truck for me...

That is all.


Laura said...

i'm told the engines were practically made of glass for how easy they were to blow up.

i always wanted a typhoon, meself. cargo room *and* power to gogogo? gimme.

Mopar said...

The beds on them were also mainly for show. If I remember right, the cargo capacity of a Syclone was only 500lbs, and even that was probably pushing it.
Of course when you buy a pickemup truck for 3x the going price, you probably aren't going to be hauling much besides @ss.

Bradley said...

the blocks the typhoon and scycloen used were the same as the GNX and they are tanks, many are still running with a bigger turbo and more boost and living very well at 6-700 HP. The only lowered mini trucks i like. They still go for $25K for one in good shape.