Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #14

Today's car pic is another foreign entry. There aren't a lot of foreign trucks on the want list, but this one is right near the top:

Yes, the Lamborghini LM002. Designed originally for the US military (who would choose the HUMVEE instead), the 7.2L, V12-powered SUV-from-Hell pretty much defined 1980s excess the same way the Countach did for exotic sports cars. A good number of '80s mainstays, like Van Halen, Malcolm Forbes, and Mike Tyson ordered the LM as a status symbol, as did despots with funny hats like Uday Hussein and Muumar Qadaffi.

A top speed of 200 KmPH (approximately 125 MPH) and a 0 - 60 time of approximately 8 seconds, while not earth-shattering by today's standards but remember the time period, long before the Porsche Cayenne) meant that the "Rambo Lambo" was faster than most "sports" cars out there, especially in snow or sand. One unit was designated as a Paris-Dakar Rally participant, but the project ran out of money before it saw fruition. Only some 301 were ever made, and many have been lost to time.

This would truly be the ne plus ultra of soccer mom mobiles!

That is all.


Miguel said...

That Lambo was used by the Italian Coast Guard for coastal duties. And there was another LEO force that used it up in the mountains.
You must forgive that it was not as fast as it should, but being a true 4X4 vehicle, that kinda slow it down

Marko Kloos said...

Uday's Lambo got blown up by the U.S. Army in IED tests, which seems a total waste.