Wednesday, January 29, 2014

File Under "N"...

...for No S**t Sherlock.

Application angst: Teens' social media can hurt college chances
Could all those selfies sink your Harvard dreams? The college application process is stressful enough; now parents also have to worry about managing their teenagers' online reputation.

Colleges are increasingly searching for applicants' names on the Internet as part of their review, according to new research from Kaplan Test Prep in which 30 percent of admissions officers say that they had Googled an applicant or visited their social networking profiles. It’s a significant increase from previous years, according to Seppy Basili, a college admissions expert at Kaplan.
Something tells me that it's nowhere near as nuanced as too many selfies or not enough activism. I suspect they're looking for underage drinking, signs of drug use, etc. - the kinds of things that will indicate a discipline problem or other issues. It also wouldn't surprise me to see ideological purity checks - you know, make sure they're not letting in any of those racist Tea Party people or other undesirables.

A quick check of an applicant's social media profile - whether for a job or for admission to college - should be absolutely expected in today's society. While questionable content for a 17-year old isn't unexpected, anything that might spell trouble for the college - ties to questionable groups, illegal activities, gang affiliations, etc. - can lead to a quick antiseptic rejection letter rather than a time-wasting interview.

If you put it out there, expect folks to read it and for it to be there forever...

That is all.

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