Thursday, January 30, 2014

Does This Sound Like Anyone We Know?

Joseph in IL sent this story in. He thinks it sounds like someone we all know...

Because of chilly weather, police chief announces he’s cancelling ‘all criminal activity’
WDJT CBS 58 News is reporting on an interesting strategy by one Wisconsin town’s police chief to curtail crime. Yesterday, Chief Peter Hoell took to the Germantown Police Department’s Facebook page and gave his “commentary.”

It IS going to be cold in Germantown today, our friends at Yahoo! Weather are giving a high only going up to 2 degrees. The wind chill will make it feel like minus 25 degrees. So, cold. If this works, I can imagine a lot of police chiefs are going to want to give this a shot. Personally speaking, because of this Facebook message I know I won’t be committing any crimes in Germantown, Wisconsin today.
Something tells me that the crime in Germantown, WI (population of the county is 19K) will take a hiatus regardless of the chief's comments - no one wants to be out doing much of anything when the temperature is -25ºF! Joseph thought that the chief sounded like our very own LawDog - I can hear LD saying something like this, no question.

Reminds me of a story from my dad's days on the MA State Police when Dad was stationed at Logan Airport. He had the overnight shift, and around 3 in the morning, when only a handful of dazed international travelers were about, one of the resident wiseguys got ahold of the intercom and made the following announcement:
"Attention. Attention everyone. This is G-d. Tomorrow has been cancelled due to lack of interest."


There are still some people out there that think He spoke to them in that airport...

That is all.

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Daniel in Brookline said...

In the book The Soul of a New Machine, a guy named Tom West claims to have been driving a Land Rover through India in the middle of the night when suddenly, near a small village a million miles from anywhere, he suddenly stopped and called out into the night: "MASSACHUSETTS! MASSACHUSETTS!"

He explained: "I thought someone might hear me, and then someday there'd be some kids running around named Massachusetts."

(It's a good thing he didn't do it in Norway. Someone might have written a song or something.)