Monday, January 13, 2014


Ed sends in this story of yet another inanimate object developing a mind of its own and going on a rampage...

Man charged in attack with tire iron at Weymouth dry cleaner
Police say a man tried to strangle a clerk at a Weymouth dry cleaner after trying to rob the business with a tire iron Wednesday.

David M. Long, 36, of 11 Roberts Drive, Weymouth, pleaded innocent on Thursday in Quincy District Court to attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon, armed assault with intent to rob, obstruction of justice and assault and battery. He was arrested near his home.
Boy, it's a good thing that Massachusetts makes it so hard for residents to keep and bear arms, isn't it? I mean, this poor unfortunate mugger might have gotten himself shot rather than being able to beat on a store clerk with impunity, eh? There's a tagline for you, huh? "Massachusetts: Keeping the streets safe for lowlife punks."

The forces against freedom will - without any hint of irony - call this a "win" for gun control. They will point to the criminal using a tool other than a firearm, and that the clerk managed to get away, as some bizarre "proof" that gun control works. Yes, their "proof" hinges on the stupidity of criminals, because the only people that gun control affects are the law abiding. In this case, the person saved by gun control was the vicious thug who knew that his odds were very good of finding an unarmed victim.

Gun control: Because a clerk with her head bashed in and strangled to death is somehow preferable to a violent thug with 6 holes in his breadbasket.

That is all.

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Paul, Dammit! said...

Junkies rarely get a hold of guns for some reason. I grew up in Weymouth. The two main things Weymouth has is Junkies and seagulls.