Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Al Gore's Got Some 'Splainin' To Do...

Okay. It's like 5ºF outside. In Virginia. Last week, it was warmer on Mars than in Winnipeg, MB. Mom G. sent this latest story about Global Warming Schadenfreude in.

Rodney Hide: Heat gone out of climate claims
Future historians may point to this one ironic event as the trigger that finally ended the public fear of global warming. The Australasian Antarctic Expedition was stuck fast over Christmas and New Year in Antarctic sea ice. In summer. The ice beat back three ice-breakers.

How can this be? Isn't global warming melting the ice and flooding the coast?

Al Gore certainly says so. Last summer he checked out Antarctica to report: "The ice on land is melting at a faster rate and large ice sheets are moving towards the ocean more rapidly. As a result, sea levels are rising worldwide.
Yeah, so apparently this expedition went to the South Pole - over what is their summer time - to chart the melting of the polar ice caps. Their plan was to duplicate a trip taken 100 years ago, and compare their notes to those of the original explorer. They assumed they'd sail down, see the devastating effects of global warming, take some pictures, and come back with incontrovertible proof that the earth has warmed dramatically in the last century.

Except they got stuck. In the ice. For well over a week.

Global warming true believers cling to the thin hope that someday, somehow, the earth will warm precipitously and their prayers will be answered. They staunchly refuse to believe that their Savior Al Gore lied to them (so he could line his pockets with worthless "carbon credits"), and hope with the heat of a thousand (global warming) suns that this is only weather, that the climate really is changing for warmer.

They claim you can't debunk global warming based on one winter, that it's a larger trend. Of course, they'll conveniently do this right after telling you that "The science is settled" and point to years (yes, years) of data allegedly showing a "warming" trend - that goes back 150 years. Which is only 50 years before the last South Pole expedition sailed to the pole at the same time of year. And was able to make landfall. Rather than get stuck in ice so thick that three separate ice breaking ships couldn't keep it open.

But yeah, Global Warming is real - if we only BELIEVE hard enough...

That is all.


Erin Palette said...

So, if global warming makes winters colder… that means warmer winters are the result of global cooling, right? And since 2000 was the warmest on record (2012 was 4th warmest), then that means we’ve actually had global cooling for some of the past 13 years, right?

Cargosquid said...

They got stuck in the ice during the Antarctic SUMMER.

THAT is the best part.