Monday, December 23, 2013

Wouldn't It Have Been Easier to Make A Volvo?

Joseph in IL sends in this very cool story:

Life-size, road-going Lego roadster hits the bricks
It's the first law of Lego: You can build anything if you have enough bricks, enough time and enough imagination. After seven decades of toybuilding, adults now routinely make life-size contraptions using tiny bits of interconnecting plastic, from motorcycles to X-Wing Fighters that would make Luke Skywalker nostalgic.

But the vast majority of these supersized projects just sit there. Thanks to the ingenuity of an Australian entrepreneur and a Romanian builder, the world now has a new height in Lego achievement — an adult-size hot rod that doesn't just roll, but can move on its own power, with only 500,000 bricks required.
Here's the roadster in question:

Pretty slick, no?

I wonder if he's going to make a matching Lego top in case it rains? Perhaps a real Lego garage with working door? The article claims 500,000 bricks, and I'd believe it. It runs on compressed air with no mention of a top speed, although I strongly doubt it would be road legal in the US.

On the plus side, like Joseph said in his e-mail, if you got into a wreck it'd be a snap to fix...

That is all.

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wizardpc said...

I read elsewhere that they got it up to 30km/h before worrying that it was going to explode.