Monday, December 30, 2013

When Even Parody Fails...

Folks, I can't make this stuff up, I really can't. Fresh off the BLNN is this story about, well, a group of morons.

Southern California church nativity scene depicts bloody Trayvon Martin instead of baby Jesus
CLAREMONT, Calif. – A Southern California church nativity scene is featuring a bloody Trayvon Martin in place of the infant Jesus in an effort to stir a community conversation about gun violence.

The Los Angeles Times reports Sunday ( ) that the nativity scene on the lawn of the Claremont United Methodist Church was created by congregant and artist John Zachary. Martin is shown in a hoodie, slumped over and bleeding.

Look, I can't help it that the church is filled with vacuous ninnies who wouldn't know a fact if it bit them on the ass. They're still clinging to the notion that little 5 year old Trayvon was brutally murdered by George Zimmerman while drinking a wholesome glass of milk during choir practice. They've bought the complete media fabrication about the shooting, that Zimmerman followed Martin and shot him for no reason whatsoever. Okay, fine. You want to be willfully ignorant, that's your prerogative. I mean, it's not like you're bearing false witness or anything, right? Right?

But, really, as the Baby Jesus? Sweet Mary mother of G-d you're a gorram CHURCH. You are interjecting a blatant political bias into the frelling BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR. What happened that night in Florida is really only known by two people, and one of them is dead. The other has been tried in a court of law and found not guilty, with copious evidence all pointing to him having been savagely attacked by the person you are now putting in the position of Jesus Christ. Are you really that stupid?

Your display is thought-provoking, all right. It's provoking me to think what a bunch of dunderheads you are. Thoughts of "wow, California really *is* the land of fruits and nuts" and "just how divorced from reality are these people" are aplenty. I'm sure in your namby pamby liberal circle jerk they're congratulating you to high heaven over your "edgy" display.

Just don't wonder for a second why collections are down...

That is all.

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Sailorcurt said...

The united methodists are all about subverting the basic tenets of their own professed religion for political purposes.

They've been doing it for decades...why change now?

Dave H said...

Any bets on what they do for Easter?

Ed said...

Interestingly, online searching on "crucified Santa Claus" yields more than a few pictures and articles.

Anonymous said...

Sailorcurt beat me to it. Yup, that's the UMC for you.