Monday, December 30, 2013

What I Left Behind, Part III

Formynder sends in another instance of "Why Jay is glad he left MA"...

Fingerprint ID urged for all new guns sold in the state
BOSTON — In what is the latest wrinkle in gun control controversies expected to emerge among three Democrats running for attorney general, former state Sen. Warren E. Tolman has called for use of fingerprint technology on all newly manufactured guns sold in the state, as a way of preventing use of stolen guns by criminals.

Mr. Tolman is facing Maura Healey, a former state prosecutor and special assistant district attorney in Middlesex County with extensive experience with gun crime; and state Rep. Harold P. Naughton, D-Clinton, who, as chairman of the House Public Safety Committee, is drafting a broad new gun control measure expected to be unveiled next month.
Ah, yes. Massachusetts politicians doing what they do best: Proposing bulls**t legislation that won't do a damned thing to ameliorate the crime problem but will hurt the law-abiding. All that requiring "smart gun" technology in MA is going to do is to stop all new gun sales in the state of Massachusetts. No major manufacturer offers a firearm with fingerprint technology, and they're not going to wave a magic wand to make them available next year.

This isn't the worst part of the article. The very next line is:
Fingerprint-locked guns, also called smart guns, are already available.
No. No. No. They are NOT available. They are science-freakin'-fiction. They exist only in Hollywood. Just because you saw James Bond use one doesn't mean that it actually exists. So-called "smart guns" do not exist; they have never been able to make one that works; and it is highly unlikely that they ever will exist in any large number.

I'll give Tolman the benefit of the doubt here. I'm willing to believe that he honestly thinks that this will help, and he's not just a raging fascist hell-bent on depriving all citizens of Massachusetts from exercising their Second Amendment rights. Of course, that means he's an intellectual lightweight incapable of critical thinking or even the good sense to spend ten minutes on Google.

Every day I am more and more glad that I escaped...

That is all.


Wally said...

Jay, we at York Arms do offer fingerprint identification.

We also believe in equality, so the firearms respond to *any* fingerprints.

Paul, Dammit! said...

lol@ Wally's comment.

I could absolutely be a test bed for the anti-side of any fingerprint-ID based on the equal-access laws of the ADA. I have no discernible fingerprints on anything but my pinky finger. Happens when you work on the water and have had chapped skin for 30 years. Too much scar tissue. It gets downright hilarious when I have to get fingerprinted by the DHS or Coast Guard and the digital reader just takes a dump and goes home.

Ed said...

I recommend that the Massachusetts State Police and the Boston Police Department take the lead and test these finger-print locked weapons by requiring their troopers and officers to use them exclusively both on and off duty. Leading by example should demonstrate to all the citizens of Massachusetts the wisdom of this type of thinking.