Friday, December 20, 2013

Wait, My Shocked Face Is Around Here Somewhere...

Got this in from the BLNN. I am shocked - SHOCKED - to discover gambling in this establishment.

President Obama Commutes Sentence Of Deval Patrick’s Cousin
BOSTON (CBS) – A first cousin of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is one of the eight federal prisoners granted a commuted sentence by President Barack Obama.

Reynolds Allen Wintersmith was sentenced to life in prison in 1994 on crack cocaine trafficking charges. His sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1998.
Patrick is vehemently denying that he had anything to do with this. He claims to have never met his cousin. The Obama administration is just as vociferous in denying that Patrick played any role in this. The President claimed that he had never even heard of Deval Patrick, just for good measure. Joe Biden disavowed all knowledge of the state of Massachusetts, and he claims to be fuzzy about Maine, Montana, and "any other state that starts with an M, like Maryland or Wyoming."

Kidding aside, I'm sure that Patrick really didn't have anything to do with this. Read the administration's proclamation carefully, though: "We have no indication that Governor Patrick contacted either DOJ or the White House." Notice the lack of qualifiers, like "or anyone on his staff." Patrick and Obama may be a lot of things, but stupid enough to get caught in something as grossly amateurish as pardoning a low-level drug dealer after intervention by the dealer's cousin is not one of them.

I do find it rather interesting that Obama has made one other pardon in his entire time in office, and now eight...

That is all.


Ted said...

I guess they just couldn't wait for another 3 years for the traditional last minute truckload of pardons on the way out the door.

.......... Not to join the tin foil hat people , But just maybe he does't expect to really expect to leave in 3 Years????? So might jest as well start paying off some of favors now when not as many people are paying attention during Chrismass in an off election year

Stretch said...

He's getting favors lined up for the upcoming impeachment (Hey, a guy can dream).
I've no doubt that Obama's last act in office will be a blanket pardon to all federal office holders between 20 Jan. 2009 and date signed.