Friday, December 20, 2013

This Is What I Left Behind...

There is a serious power play brewing in my former state. It's not about the state's mandatory health insurance, which became the model for ObamaCare and was implemented in the same heavyhanded manner in which we got our first glimpse at socialized medicine. It's not about the state sales tax, hiked up during the tenure of Deval Patrick.

No, it's about the state rock song. I can't make this up.

`Dream On,' `Roadrunner' vie for state rock song status
Don’t breathe a word of this. Because nobody’s supposed to know. But it looks like his colleagues in the state Legislature may be getting ready to give Rep. Marty Walsh a little parting gift today: a compromise that may make “Road­runner” the official state rock song.

“I think Marty’s a terrific legislator and I’m proud that he’s going to be the mayor of our first-class city,” said state Rep. James Cantwell, (D-Marshfield), who filed competing legislation to make Aerosmith’s “Dream On” the official Mass. rock tune. “Like with any legislation, a compromise is possible, one that pays homage to a great rock ’n’ roll song like ‘Road­runner’ and also recognizes Aerosmith as one of the greatest rock bands in music history.”
Marty Walsh is the new mayor of Boston, mind you. Obviously there are no other issues facing the legislators in MA, if they have time to debate between state rock songs. I mean, all of the important issues are resolved, right?

The one bright spot is that it gives me an excuse to post this:

Which is the true Massachusetts state rock song. THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED.

That is all.


Maureen Williams said...

I thought it was "Dirty Water".... learn something new and all that.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

+1 Dirty Water

Anonymous said...

Well we, in Idaho, have Napoleon Dynamite as the official state movie as sanctioned by the legislature.

I guess important state and local business, while seemingly universal, is not the most important matter at hand just acting like an embarrassing fool is acceptable.

Then people wonder why the country is going down the tubes.

Mopar said...

Come on, it HAS to be this one:

Hal said...

Nissan should restore it and have a raffle for the wounded warrior project. But yes diffrently creative thinking. I salute all.

Old NFO said...

LOL, aren't you glad you left???

SCI-FI said...

Oh, Crap. I thought THIS was theme we were voting on:

Cuz, like, that one would've been worth politicians' time.

TOTWTYTR said...

I try to look on the bright side. The more time they spend on this stuff, the less time they have to raise taxes.