Friday, December 6, 2013

Things Are Different In Texas...

Jacqueline in Texas sends in a sign from a local hardware store:

That, right there, is how its done, folks. In amongst all the 30.06 signs that forbid the carrying of arms, here's a store that tells customers, right up front, that they are welcome if they are carrying a firearm. This sign, mind you, is a thousand times more effective than a "no guns" sign. Think about it. A "no guns" sign tells a potential bad guy that he will be the only person in that store with a firearm.

That sign tells the same potential bad guy that he's playing Texas Roulette if he whips out a heater in that hardware store...

That is all.


Mopar said...

Believe it or not, there are a few of those signs here in Connecticut!

DJMoore said...

That's the hardware store I go to!

The sign went up a couple of years ago after they were robbed.

They also sell "Castle Law" signs, and related stuff.

I also hope the day comes when they can legally start selling ammo and maybe even a gun or two, like back in the old days.

They're in the middle of expanding, I hope in order to sell lumber, which would mean I could divorce from Home Depot.

RabidAlien said...

Any word on where that store is? I need to make a run to Lowes for plumbing supplies here soon (its icy outside, so maybe not today). As for the 30.06, oddly enough, I have seen very few of them, and even fewer that are posted CORRECTLY and in compliance with the law, rendering them null and void. Even the local mall doesn't have their doors posted correctly.

Dave H said...

Looks like both that store and their insurance company deserve a little extra business.

DJMoore said...

I was shy of getting them in trouble with their head office, but now that I think of it...They do deserve the business.

It's the Cypress Ace Hardware on Jones Road between 290 and 249 in NW Houston.

I think I like the corporate attitudes from Ace.

My niece up in Iowa tells us the Ace there let the kids from her daycare have a picnic right in the middle of their Christmas display, because the weather was so bad.

RabidAlien said...

I'm definitely gonna have to start shopping at Ace more often.

Greg Tag said...

Valid 30.06 Signs are VERY scarce in the Bryan-College Station area and in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.

I am a CHL Instructor who was revamping a Power-Point lecture, and wanted to find a real PC 30.06 sign in the wild for a picture.

I found three examples.

1) One was posted at a CashAmerica Pawn location - it was, however, void, because the letters were 1/2 " high ( I measured) and the statute says MUST BE 1" high, and the sign had no Spanish language portion.

2) In the Dallas suburb of Plano, I found a 30.06 sign posted at the entrance to a school parking lot of the Plano Independent School District - a posting that is void because state law says you can carry in a school parking lot, and the school district does not have the legal authority to post. The sign is also void, because it does not have the required Spanish language on it, and the lettering is too small.

I found out there were two 30.06 signs at each Plano ISD school parking lot, every single one legally void. 72 schools times two, times 400 dollars a sign.

The PISD has spent $57,600 in taxpayer money to erect signs that are unenforceable, have no legal effect and which by law they have no right to install.

3) First National Bank in Bryan has a sign that the letters are too small and no Spanish language. I asked a senior bank officer with whom I am acquainted about the sign - he looked me in the eye and said that I knew the sign was invalid, and he knew the sign was invalid, and anyone who had paid attention in CHL class knew it was invalid, but for any anti who was concerned, they wouldnt know any better and would feel comforted, and not bother the bank about it.

And then there is Chappell Hill State Bank of Chappell Hill, Texas, who posted a LARGE " CHL gun carriers WELCOME" sign on their front door.

I still dont have a properly sized, properly worded, validly erected PC 30.06 sign for a picture. I guess that is a good thing.


Comrade Misfit said...

And in anti-gun NY, another DBG.