Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sputter, Sputter, WHAT?

Fresh off the BLNN is this lovely story of government incompetence yet again being rewarded...

Homeland Security watchdog resigns under ethics cloud, gets new job
The chief watchdog for the Department of Homeland Security has stepped down from his post under a gathering cloud of allegations about his own conduct -- and already has accepted another position in the department he used to oversee.

Charles Edwards, who served in the role of acting and deputy inspector general for the sprawling department, resigned days before he was set to testify in the Senate.
He's taking another position somewhere downstream - and apparently sidestepping all investigation into his misconduct, which includes "claims that he bowed to political pressure and watered down his reports; abused agency personnel and resources; and retaliated against employees who questioned his conduct" as well as charges he employed his wife in defiance of anti-nepotism laws, used official funds to travel for his own higher education, and used government staff to do his homework.

Gee, I don't know about you, but *I* feel much safer knowing that the Department of Homeland Security has people employed who would much rather abuse their position than actually do any of the tasks to which they are assigned. I'm so glad that, in order to get on an airplane, I have to humiliate myself by taking off my shoes and letting a complete stranger either bombard me with x-rays or feel me up. I'm just thrilled that the NSA can listen in on my phone calls and read my private e-mails in the interest of national security, yet the watchdog of the entire Homeland Security would rather divert funds to his higher education than do his job.

And when he's caught, red-handed, he simply transfers to another position to escape punishment - only in government would this be the outcome.

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Wanna feel safe? the new head of DHS is a Political Lawyer Hack with ZERO Security Experience (other than working on the Air Forces LGBT Laws) and has donated a Lot of money to the DemaCommie Party.

He's less trained than Barney Fife.

RabidAlien said...

Hey, its worked for Holder and Hillary, why not him?

Some days I think that there's simply not enough rope and lampposts in DC to take care of the problems.

Stretch said...

The lamp post along Constitution and Independence Aves. can take 2 or 3 bodies each. Still, gonna have to string 'em between post to handle all the bodies.