Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remember, Cars Are Different...

Woman dies after vehicle drags her 3 miles down Massachusetts road
(CNN) -- The man accused of hitting a woman with his vehicle and dragging her for more than three miles near Foxborough, Massachusetts, pleaded not guilty to several charges at his arraignment Tuesday.

The woman, Kanchanben Patel, 58, was killed, the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office said.
The man was accused of "using a hotel room illegally" which I can only assume means he sold drugs or stolen goods in the room - or consorted with a prostitute in the room. He was confronted, left the hotel, and in his haste to get away, struck several parked cars before running over two women in a crosswalk, one of which he dragged for three miles before dislodging her body.

This woman is dead no different than had she been a bystander shot in a drive-by shooting. Yet, because it was an automobile "accident", this scumbag will most likely get charged with something like vehicular homicide or something, get a slap on the wrist, and serve a term measured in months if not weeks. You know, because cars are magically different when their deliberate misuse causes death.

Remember, cars are different than guns BECAUSE GUNS.

That is all.


Dave H said...

It's all about motive, Jay. Our Progressive(TM) society treats the same crime differently depending on our intent or motive. If I stab a guy, it's felonious assault. If I stab a guy because his skin color is different than mine, it's a hate crime and I'll spend a lot more time in jail for it. Even though the crime itself is the same, I'm extra evil because of my motive.

If you own a gun, you obviously intend to kill someone with it. That makes you extra evil too.

Phillip said...

Dave, that is the best explanation I've seen for the disparity of treatment between similar crimes with different methods or behaviors used.

Doesn't seem right to me. Guess I'm old-fashioned, but I figure if you go killing a man that's not doing you any harm, you should get the same sentence no matter what tool you used or reason you had.

FrankC said...

Would it be considered excessive to drag him to jail? Just the last three miles you understand not the whole way. That would be cruel.