Thursday, December 5, 2013

One More Whack At the ObamaCare Pinata...

Fresh off the BLNN:

Administration struggles to sign up young 'invincibles' for ObamaCare
Preliminary figures suggest the Obama administration is falling far short of its goal of signing up the young, healthy and uninsured for ObamaCare.

It's a problem that could undermine the rollout of the law even more than the glitch-ridden website.

Experts say the health care program needs 40 percent of all enrollees to be between 18 and 34 years old -- a prized demographic known in the industry as the "young invincibles." They are considered young, healthy and relatively cheap to care for and are necessary to subsidize older and more expensive enrollees.

Wow. In other words, ObamaCare does for health care what Social Security did for private savings... The system depends on a whole bunch of young people that don't need what you're selling to buy into the program to subsidize older people that really do need what you're selling.

It would appear they have learned the lesson from Social Security and taken it to heart: get the workers in while they're young, then hold them in the system so long that they can't derive any benefit from the special perk. The system can't survive if too many older people sign up - so ObamaCare is classist as well as ageist.

Makes about as much sense as anything else, right?

That is all.


Wally said...

At least i can pay a fee to opt out of o'care. Wish I could do the same for social security.

Tho, that said, O'care kills valid insurance products - SS doesn't slaughter the individual investment marketplace.

Hey you know what? they both suck.

Anonymous said...

So, Obamacare is like a Prius... it's for people bad at math?

18-34 year olds do -not- make up 40% of the population.

Windy Wilson said...

It's more like, keep them in the system so long that they lack the wherewithall to get many benefits outside the system.