Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not Sure How I Feel About This One...

This one's a head-scratcher, fresh off the BLNN.

Arizona detective resigns after discovering she is illegal immigrant
A detective for Arizona's state police force has resigned following the discovery that she was living in the country illegally after being brought to the U.S. from Mexico by her family at a young age, the agency said Wednesday.

The former detective, Carmen Figueroa, apparently was told by her family that she was born in the U.S., though she was actually born in Sinaloa, Mexico, said Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves.
I just happen to be in the process of switching over my state of residence. As a result of that, I have to provide a birth certificate as one of the pieces of identification to get my VA driver's license. Not every state is the same, and not every state has the same requirements for folks born in state. I don't remember needing my birth certificate to get my MA driver's license, but of course that was many [mumble] years ago.

Is it possible that she honestly didn't know that she wasn't born in the US or brought here legally as a child? Sure, it's possible. I doubt she would have gone into policework if she knew about her immigration status (or lack thereof). What's really too bad is that her family didn't have the courage to tell her about her status when she first mentioned becoming a police officer. They could have saved her a lot of heartache and embarrassment by letting her know the story behind her coming to America. She might have even been able to get things fixed before getting into such a predicament.

What's rather infuriating, mind you, is that this woman gets punished for something her parents did, yet Barack Obama's aunt and uncle are still living in Massachusetts despite both being illegal immigrants. They both knowingly broke the immigration laws of the US, with his uncle having fought deportation (and losing) in the 1970s and his aunt requested asylum in 2002 (it was denied two years later). So we have two cases of people who were in the country illegally, knew about it completely, and yet suffered no consequences; in fact, Aunt Zeituni was in public housing, suckling off the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, Officer Figueroa has lost her job over something her parents did - go figure.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I doubt you can be a sworn officer without being a citizen of the US. She also submitted a false employment application, even if she did not know the truth at the time.

Yes it sucks, but I'm sure she could apply to become a citizen if she wants to.


RabidAlien said...

Gotta give her props for resigning instead of raising a ruckus and being forced out. Not her fault her family lied to her, she would have no reason to believe she wasn't born in the US unless someone said something to her, which obviously nobody did. She did not knowingly provide false information on her employment me, this is just a paperwork kerfluffle. Put her on (unpaid) administrative leave, let her take her classes (she obviously meets the time requirements for living in the US), and take her citizenship test. Then reinstate her. This doesn't even have to be a page-16 news item.

KevinC said...

Immigration law is pretty silly. It took my Dad two years to prove that we were eligible to move down here, so I sympathize.

On the other hand, I'm not too happy that a bunch of people get to jump to the head of the line despite being here illegally.

Anonymous said...

The State Police said had she not resigned she would have been fired. So someone must have taken her aside and talked to her. If she becomes a citizen she might get to be a cop again.

Hunter said...

Wait. What sort of background checks were done here? She had to attend the academy, right? The AZ State Police must have a pretty lax system.

The Neophyte said...

After reading the latest story about Obama's uncle I have one question. Is there anything our current president won't lie about? He's giving Nixon a run for his money. Deny Deny Deny until someone has the goods then admit it was all a mistake. What was Obama living with the guy and didn't know he was related to him? And the media blows almost all of it off too. God I am sick to death of the reverence this joke of a leader gets from so many people who should know better.