Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Love This Story...

Man drives Rolls-Royce for 78 years then makes museum donation to ensure its preservation
Mr. Allen Swift died in 2005 at the impressive age of 102, but his automotive story is even more remarkable. Not only is the gentleman credited with owning a Rolls-Royce automobile longer than anyone else in the world, but he had the forethought and funds to ensure its future preservation after his death.

In 1928, while living in Springfield, Massachusetts, Swift's father gave him a 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly P1 Roadster as a graduation present (Springfield and Rolls-Royce have a history – from 1920 to 1931, the British automaker built 2,944 vehicles in the city as part of its attempt to establish a US plant). The young man was passionate about his green-over-green softtop convertible, not only driving it on a regular basis, but maintaining it meticulously over the decades (the two door-received a complete body-off restoration and engine rebuild in 1988).
Here's the car in question:

(picture found on Flickr)

What an awesome story. What an awesome graduation present! That car would have cost somewhere north of $10K in 1928 - or the equivalent of ~ $150K today. That's one hell of a nice graduation present, much like me buying TheBoy a mid-level Ferarri. Granted, he held onto it literally his entire life, so I guess they got their money out of it...

That's a love story right there, folks. You don't hold onto something for nearly 80 years and then donate over a million bucks to insure that it is safe upon your demise if there's not a lot of love between the man and the machine. In a time where people are likely to get rid of their cars before they've had them 10 years - I'd wager 5 in most cases - holding onto a car for more than seven decades is mind-boggling.

Either that or he *REALLY* hates dealing with the MA RMV...

That is all.

Hat tip to instinct for the story!

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Anonymous said...

A little slow on the comments, but here goes.

Pick-up truck number one was purchased new 10-years ago this year Made in Jan 2003 and bought in April of 2003. It is a Dodge Dakota. Next year it will be getting some need exterior work namely fixing the rock chipped hood and repainting.

Pick-up number two was bought new by the father-in-law in 2001. We received in as part of his estate when he passed on. It is a GMC Sierra 1500.

Guess that shoots the 10-year theory to death for us anyway.

Take care,