Monday, December 16, 2013


Fresh off the BLNN is a story that has me shaking my head in puzzlement...

Pennsylvania teen charged in rape, beating of nun
A Pennsylvania teen has been charged in the rape and beating of a retired nun in the parking lot of a Roman Catholic church.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Andrew Bullock, 18, of Aliquippa confronted the unidentified, 70-year-old nun Friday outside St. Titus Church, located near Pittsburgh.

18 years old and his victim was 70. No weapon used other than his hands, but he did manage to dislocate her jaw. This is the brave new world the gun control mafia would foist upon us, where the weak are at the mercy of the strong. They wish to rid the world of firearms, resulting in a "might makes right" environment. Actually, that's not true - they're perfectly fine with the police and military having guns.

Apparently being for gun control means you have to disavow all knowledge of history, banana republics, and human nature.

There's another issue here, too. The concept of someone being "unarmed" is something that really needs to be changed. This budding sociopath was hardly unarmed - he managed to savagely beat someone nearly 4 times his age using nothing but his hands. He's an unarmed child according to the media - at least if you follow the playbook out of Florida. Had the 70 year old woman been accompanied by her 72 year old brother armed with a 1911, who shot the attacker, would we be treated to yet another sob story about a child injured by gunfire?

The gun control crowd can keep their utopia where septuagenarians are at the mercy of the strong - I want no part of it.

That is all.

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Ed said...

"Would we be treated to yet another sob story about a child injured by gunfire?"
Sadly, yes.