Monday, November 25, 2013

Waiting Game...

So, we're waiting to hear on the sale of the house in Massachusetts, which directly affects the house we're hoping to buy in VA. Two weeks ago, the family came down to VA and we power-house hunted, finding a house that we all really liked and could afford. We discovered that this house had a stipulation in the sales agreement that they would not entertain any offers that were contingent upon existing sales - so once we have a signed contract on our current house we can make an official offer.

Mrs. G. has been doing everything on her own for the past month, getting the kids ready for school, working, dealing with the selling in MA, etc. and she's been absolutely swamped with packing, arranging things with the lawyer, etc. I've been living away from my family for over a month now, staying with friends in the area and being point man for initial house scoutings, dealing with the realtor here, and starting my new job.

We are going to be very happy once this is behind us, no question about that...

Growing up, I had a few friends whose parents had a similar arrangement - one's dad worked in Chicago Monday through Friday and flew home every weekend. I have no idea how they managed to do that for very long - I just hate saying goodnight over the phone and missing dinner with my wife and kids. At least on Wednesday I'll be reunited for a few days, although I'll be frantically packing most of that time.

I will truly be thankful for my family this Thanksgiving, that's for sure...

That is all.

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Shane W said...

Hope all goes well for you on the house deals, Jay. I don't know what I'd do with myself being seperated from my family like that, but you just have to look at the silver lining. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Yup, it's a hard life. My parents were married 48 years, and my dad would be away 6-12 months at a time on his ship before I was born. I'm only home 2 weeks at a time myself, and my wife needed 5 years to discover the true impact of that on a marriage. I spend more time with my shipmates than I do with my wife and kid. It's hard!
Being a husband and father in absentia places unique stresses on a family, but it's easy to forget that the one on the road is suffering different but significant stress too. Whatever happens, Jay, this is a temporary situation, and you guys WILL appreciate each other more when it ends. Every reunion isn't a new honeymoon after a while, but it does help solidify the need for each other in your minds.
FWIW, the phone is not your friend after a while. Its' value as a substitute declines, and being in touch constantly isn't as helpful as you might think.
Still, I hope your house sells fast- I'm 100% sympathetic, even though I actually volunteer for this lifestyle.

Fred said...

I'm strangely glad to know I won't be the only one having family bonding time on Wednesday (and Thursday for us) by packing up and clearing out a house. Wouldn't be so rushed, but we have renters moving into the old house, and their old land-lord rented their current place out starting December 1st (jerk...)

I do not envy the distance of your move though, we only went across town, so the 17' van was perfect for a couple trips (and cheaper than 20 trips with the "little" F150 in gas alone.)

Hopefully you've got a decent agent to work with down there, we would have lost our minds without Pete during our hunt.

Skip said...

Was on the road for twentyfive years, flying in for 1 1/2 days with the fam a week.
The money was great, but the kids didn't know me.
Was it worth it, hindsite? No.