Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There's That Tolerance!

Imagine, if you will, the howls and peals of outrage if a Republican committee chair were to make degrading, sexist comments about a young female Democrat politician.

Now swap the parties and listen for the crickets...

War on Women: Dems attack Garcia with sexist language, imagery
New Hampshire Democrats were quick to attack Republican State Representative Marilinda Garcia once she made her intention to seek the her party’s nomination for the second congressional district seat official. Garcia announced her candidacy via a press release on Monday morning; she joins former Republican State Senator Gary Lambert in the race to take on Democratic Congresswoman Anne Kuster.
Go read some of the comments. Comparing her to one of the Kardassians and calling her a lightweight is the best they can do. I hope she mops the floor with these sexist douchebags.

Can we PLEASE stop pretending that the Republicans are waging some sort of "war on women"? Please? Because some conservatives don't think the government should pay for birth control, this is all the proof liberals need that the GOP wants to peer into your bedrooms and control your body, and this is sexist. But a Democrat refers to a Republican woman as a lightweight and a Kim Kardassian clone, and there are crickets.

Thanks for helping to point out who the true misogynists are, Donks...

That is all.