Tuesday, November 19, 2013


You did remember what today is, right?

Yes, it's National Ammo Day! Go out and buy (at least) 100 rounds of ammunition to keep the machine turning out ammo and let your wallet do the talking. This is the part where ordinarily we'd ask that - even if things were tight - you get 100 rounds of .22LR. However, I'm not so certain that .22LR even exists any more, so do what you can.

At least buy 100 rounds of 12 gauge - at least that's available...

That is all.


Dave H said...

I found honest-to-gosh Winchester White Box 9mm the other day at Dick's. Still no .22lr, but it's a caliber I don't reload so I snapped it up.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I just bought an old Remington 550-1, so now .22 shorts are on my ammo list!

Stretch said...

Just returned from the range.
Using my Hi-Standards.
On way out asked for some .22lr.
Staff just laughed.
Yet another reminder to say "Thank you Jay!" for offering .22 ammo as a KTKC prize.

JohnMXL said...

150 round box of XM855 from W-Mart!

Asked about 22LR. "We got some last Thursday. Didn't last the day."

jimmie said...

Its not that hard to find, i pick up around 1000 22lr every week, yes it might take a few stops to find it. Max I'll pay is $25 for 500. I just cant find the cci stingers that i want. walmart and academy sports is where i find them. Even got some. 300 blackout at Wal-Mart the other day. Try finding 22tcm in store if you wwant something hard to find.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Don't know if this counts for Nov. 19th, but I placed an order for 500 rounds of .45, and took delivery of it today. (Mostly this is intended for a certain Glock 30; I've become right fond of that little piece of plastic. I've taken to calling it Gaston.)

I believe that means that I have over a thousand rounds each of the calibers I care about... not enough to completely fill the ammo safe, but getting close!

Ross said...

Oops... I actually forgot. However, on the 22nd, I stopped at WallyWorld and picked up 100 rounds of .22WMR (Remington 33 gr ballistic tip, if you're curious) to feed my Automag II.

The Automag II is a finicky beast, to be sure. 30gr Hornady ballistic tip will turn it into a jammomatic all day long - just doesn't have enough oomph to cycle the action - but it loves the Remington stuff. 100 % reliable with it. And with the 45gr Hornady personal defense stuff, too.

And with the PMR-30 going for stupid prices, it's the only .22WMR semi I'm likely to have for a while.