Friday, November 15, 2013

Only Way To Be SAFE...

SAFE Act stance helps Howard win 3rd term as Erie County sheriff
Four words that he uttered at a news conference last May helped Timothy B. Howard win a third term as Erie County sheriff.

The words were “I won’t enforce it,” and Howard was talking about the SAFE Act, a controversial new state firearms law that has outraged gun owners.
But wait. I thought that "90%" of Americans favored tough gun control like the SAFE Act? How on earth could someone - in New York of all places - actually WIN an election by stating outright that he would not enforce a gun control law? If gun control was such a winning proposition, shouldn't that sheriff have found himself out of office by a crushing margin? I mean, in New York of all places?

Now, I know. NY State != NYC. Much like MA != Boston. Not everyone that lives in NY state is a raving anti-gun loon, but what you hear coming out of NY centers almost exclusively on NYC, with a teeny bit coming out of Albany. Still, that a Republican sheriff who openly opposed the SAFE Act to the point of refusing to enforce it could win over a Democratic challenger, well, that's got to rattle more than a few cages...

Or, just maybe, gun control isn't the winning strategy that some tout it as being...

That is all.


Dave H said...

We're all just clinging bitterly to guns and religion over here in western NY. Like a co-worked told me when I first moved here, "This is the real redneck end of the state."

Ed said...

"!= " as in "not equal to"?
Are you channeling your inner computer programmer or Boolean logician?

NYC is a subset of New York.
Boston is a subset of Massachusetts.
Unfortunately, there are enough people outside of the city in each area that think like the people in the city that legislation that oppresses the population gets enacted. Fortunately, in that county, there is a Sheriff willing to take a contrary view that is consistent with the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps he should run for Governor, and ride herd over the crowd in Albany. After all, Legislatures sometimes need adult supervision.

PJS said...

Yes. This is why I have to get out of Cambridge (much more moon-batty than Boston) soon.