Monday, November 25, 2013

Meanwhile, Just North Of Here...

Well now, ain't this just grand. Fresh off the BLNN is this update on a story I covered a while back about the sorry state of MD jails.

14 more officers indicted in Baltimore jail corruption case
Federal prosecutors have indicted 14 more Baltimore corrections officers on charges of drug possession and drug distribution in an ongoing case investigating criminal activity involving guards and inmates at the city's main jail.

The indictments, released this week, allege that officers assisted the Black Guerilla Family prison gang in running a lucrative drug operation behind bars.
27 corrections officers are under investigation for either assisting the gang or outright being members. Four female guards have been impregnated by the gang's leader - one has his name tattooed on her wrist. Obviously this prison is being run by people that learned everything about running an incarceration process from "Hogan's Heroes"...

Can we surrender to the War On Drugs yet? Obviously it is an abysmal failure if we can't keep drugs out of a prison - and the leader of a gang that distributes illicit drugs is so powerful that he can get drugs, phones, money, and women in prison - all the while conducting his drug trade behind bars with the help of the guards. In a right and just world, every single guard in that prison should have been fired already, and the warden should have (literally) fallen on his sword.

Any bets on how many guards *actually* get fired - and stay fired - versus how many are reinstated thanks to the union?

That is all.

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Glenn B said...

Four of the female guards impregnated by the gang's leader,I wonder how many of the male guards he 'impregnated' (so to speak)!