Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Car Pr0n #3

My first car pr0n picture caused undue consternation by my use of the term "Number One". All I meant was the very first car that came to mind; i.e. you just hit the super mega lotto ball for a gabillion dollars, what is the first car you commission someone to find/build/restore. In *my* case, this is my all-time favorite and I don't ever see that changing; I completely understand that for many people, there are numerous vehicles that have captured their hearts, and asking them to choose one is like asking "which is your favorite child?"

In that vein, here's my second-favorite car:

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. 455 cubic inch V8 motor. Bright orange paint. Pop-up headlight covers for the clean grill lines. Damn, but that is one sexy-looking car!

I bought a 1972 Pontiac LeMans after I graduated from college with the grand idea that I would restore it to its former glory, then find the appropriate GTO badges and turn it into a LeGoat. It had a clean 400 ci V8, new(ish) transmission, and solid dual exhaust setup. The body was rough, in several different shades of bondo and primer, but it could MOVE when you hit the gas.

Alas, it also had a cracked frame, so it wound up getting sold for parts. I look back on it and my 1983 Cadillac and think how boss it would have been to have paired the two, the drivetrain from the LeMans with the solid body and frame of the Caddy... 1983 gray Coupe de Ville with a 400 cubic inch motor would really have been something...

Anyways, here's another one of my lottery vehicles - what are some more of yours?

That is all.


Angus McThag said...

Super mega lotto car is to call Chip Foose and tell him he's my bitch for the next two months. said...

a Genuine 1965 AC Cobra. IMO There are no others above this one.

Anonymous said...

'67 GTO, burgandy w/ white interior & vinyl roof.

Barring that, a Crown Vic. Yeah, you read that right. Buy an old Crown Vic (Or Grand Marquis), and completely gut it. Tear out the engine, tranny, brakes, suspension, the works. Replace everything with high performance parts, but keep the exterior totally stock. It'd be the ultimate sleeper.


notDilbert said...

With 9 figure Powerball Money burning a hole in pocket, I'd be looking at buying somebody's whole collection, not just one car. ( and then of course you'd need a building and staff too ). But if I had to limit it to just the first one, I'd have to say that I've always kicked my self for not buying that Ferrari 250 LM that was for sale on Comm Ave in 1968 for a mere $ 10,000.

Ross said...

A Mach 5. That's my lottery car.