Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Car Pr0n #2

Stretch was kind enough to send in a very cool entry for the second Friday car pic:

This is Stretch's father's ’67 Mustang 2+2 fastback with a 289cid and 3-speed manual. Now, the funny part here is that Dad G.'s first new car was a 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible, also with the 289, but with the 4 speed. His was Chinese poppy red with a white top, and unfortunately the New England winters rotted it out before I was born. Sometimes, just to make Dad crazy, I'll ask him what that car would be worth if he'd held onto it...

I guess that's one good thing about having grown up in the late 1970s and 1980s. None of the cars I owned (heck, even the ones I've owned recently) are ever going to be classics. I strongly doubt that the 1985 GMC S-15 Jimmy is ever going to make the "Top Ten Most Awesome Trucks Ever" list. Ditto the 1985 Buick Regal. Especially not when after three whole years they had started to rust, and after five years had honest-to-goodness rot in some of the fenders...

So, what cool wheels did you/your family have that you wish you had again?

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

My uncle had both a 1955 T-bird with the continental wheel kit and a 1964 1/2 'stang. Then he started making real money, and has been buying only Mercedes Benz.

Mopar said...

This question always kills me.
My first car was a '68 charger with a 383 4 barrel, 4 speed, posi. Second and 3rd cars were '67 fastback Charger, and a '70 Challenger.
I also had a '78 Ramcharger with a 440 from a 69 Roadrunner in it, 4:56 gears and 40" tires, 9" of lift, and more offroad lights then a football stadium.

When I was a kid dad had a '64 Impala, and up until a few years ago he still owned the 1954 Chevy truck he bought new.

libertyman said...

So if I said I would like the 1957 Citroen DS-19 that my Dad bought new in 1957, will my blog buddies understand?

Roger said...

I still have mine. Mother bought it in 1960 for my dad.
It's a '54 Jaguar XK 120 Drop Head Coupe, with the optional factory high performance Special Equipment parts.

Keads said...

Nice Pony! My first car was a 1971 Mustang Mach I.

Anonymous said...

1967 Ford Mustang II with the Cobra II package. Blue with white racing stripes.

3300 cc 6, but a nice ride.

Joseph from IL

Wandering Neurons said...

My mom's first car that she purchased with her own money was a custom-ordered '69 'Stang, convertible, white exterior, red interior.
I've had '67 and '69 model Mustangs as well, long time and many car trades ago.
Damn I was stupid for getting rid of them...

Anonymous said...

My grandfather told me that back when he was young (late 1940's) he had to leave a 1934 Ford coupe on the side of the road in Detroit. He had traveled to Detroit and gone bust on some business venture, and didn't have the money to put gas in it to get back home to North Carolina. He used his last pennies to buy a bus ticket. Never saw the car again.

Stingray said...

Dad sold a '57 factory fuel injected Corvette while mom was knocked up with me. I haven't quite forgiven him for that one yet. He's responsible for the screaming deal I got on the '67 Impala SS I've been "working" on for the last *mumble* years, which helps, but... I mean... did you see what the last '57 fuelie went for at Barret-Jackson? Oh, there goes my blood pressure again.

HerrBGone said...

My Mum had a very nice Corvette - no, sorry, Corvair that we both liked very much regardless of Mr. Nader's criticism. Unfortunately it got stolen. Oh the police found it right away but they had it towed to a garage to be stored until Mum picked it up. At Mum's expense. Then didn't notify her as to where it was for two months. The storage fee came out to more than the car was worth after the damage the thieves had done to it. Until then we loved the car.

ASM826 said...

1969 Ford XL Fastback. Looked like an oversized Mustang. Had a 390. My father traded it for a smog-control crippled LTD the year I got my license.

Looked like this, his was gold.

Stretch said...

Back story to Dad's Mustang:
Dad was on his second tour of Viet-Nam in 1969. He knew the Army was going to send him to U. of Maryland for a degree and he wanted a commuter car.
Our neighbors, the Binghams, had a son in 'Nam as well. He had the '67 Mustang and was looking to get a 'Vette upon his return. His mother and my Mom arranged the financial end stateside but the registration still needed signatures. Mrs. Bingham mailed it to her son.
Dad drove to Pvt. Bingham's duty station, asked for him and waited.
"There's a Colonel asking for you!" went the message. Young Bingham showed up, signed the registration, handed it to Dad who co-signed it, and took it with him.
"What's going on?" asked the NCOIC?
"Oh, I just sold the Colonel my car."
Confused looks all around.
Forty-four years later Dad still drives it.

Anonymous said...

The first family car I can remember is a '69 Camaro RS in kelly green. Dad traded it on a 72 Vandura which became a work truck.

My first car was a '68 XL500 fastback with a 428 Police Interceptor motor, 360hp and 459ft/lbs. It broke a tie rod one morning and ended up in a very deep ditch in Northwest Ontario.


Anonymous said...

My first car - I bought it in the summer of 1984, just before my senior year of high school - was a 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo with the 402 big block. Fairly high mileage, but well cared for with no rust and an immaculate interior. The Monte was comfortable, solid, and faster than stink.

Sadly, I sold the car in 1986, right before I entered military service, and the subsequent owners destroyed it through hot-rodding and multiple wrecks. (The memory still brings a tear to my eye...and the occasional red cloud of rage...)

I also have fond memories of the '69 Ford Torino my dad had when I was a child - Dad still calls it his "Go Daddy Go!" car, because that's what the five-year-old me kept telling him to do every time we went somewhere in it - and the '76 Dodge Ramcharger 4X4 my parents bought new a few years later. With a 440 and full-time four-wheel drive, the Ramcharger was unstoppable in just about any driving conditions, and could pass anything but a gas station. ;) IIRC, the Dodge too got wrecked by a subsequent owner, alas.

--Wes S.