Monday, November 11, 2013

Following Up...

Fresh off the BLNN:

11 bikers, 1 cop indicted in NYC highway brawl
NEW YORK (AP) — A grand jury has indicted 11 bikers, including an undercover New York City police detective, on various charges related to a motorcyclist-SUV highway melee.

The indictment Friday says undercover detective Wojciech Braszczok (VOY'-chek BRAZH'-ahk) was charged with gang assault, criminal mischief, riot and other counts.
Indicted is one thing. Fired and jailed is another. I'll be significantly more impressed if he ever faces prosecution. If nothing else, he needs to be fired - this was nothing short of a gross dereliction of duty. The man not only witnessed a number of crimes being committed, he failed to report them. There's a pretty decent case to be made that he actively participated in committing these crimes.

This is significant, especially in the state of New York. We're constantly being told that we don't need to protect ourselves, that the police are there to protect us and keep the peace. For the driver of that SUV and his family, not only were the police not there to protect him, the police were actively taking part in the actions threatening his life. Not only could he not defend himself, he couldn't rely on police protection, either.

Had this been another state, and he defended himself and his family with a firearm, how would this situation have turned out? He's in a vehicle surrounded by people acting violently towards him and his family - they were trying to yank him out of the car when he drove over the bike in front of him. Had he defended himself with deadly force in the form of a 9mm, would the police officer smashing out his back window still have refused to identify himself?

It's hard to accept "you don't need a gun, the police will be there to protect you" when the police themselves are attacking you - with no repercussions.

That is all.


wizardpc said...

Insty quipped that if this had happened in Knoxville, there is a high likelihood that the bikers would've been shot by either the driver or a samaritan.

That likelihood is the reason why these thing's don't happen in free states.

Ed said...

Everybody sing like sailors on liberty!

"New York, New York, a hell of a town..."