Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I don't normally remember my dreams, but for some reason this one actually made it from my subconscious to my conscious last night.

So, for some unknown reason, I found myself locked in a house with a gun-wielding maniac. He had apparently lured me to the house for some unknown reason, and as I was trying to escape, who shows up but Ambulance Driver.

After explaining to AD, via charades, hastily-scrawled notes, and other exaggerated body motions, that we were trapped in a house with an armed lunatic, I was then subject to a long rambling dissertation about how I, "Mr. Carry a gun all the time", was unarmed.

So I did what came naturally - while AD was rambling, I made for the door and left him behind...

That is all.

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LCB said...

Wow. Last night I dreamed I WAS an ambulance driver. It's're both in the same universe or something. hahahahahaha

When I remember my dreams, it means I didn't sleep well. Didn't get in to a good REM sleep. I suspect it's the same with most people.

Dave H said...

I had a weird dream last night myself, and it involved guns indirectly. Must be something in the air.

My favorite dreams come after eating sausage & pepperoni pizza. I usually dream a Japanese monster movie then.

Daniel in Brookline said...

There's a school of thought that tried to encourage people to change their dreams. If a person consistently has scary "falling" dreams, for example, that person is encouraged to say, several times before going to bed, "If I have a falling dream tonight, I will spread my arms and fly".

I've encouraged my boys to try this. I tell them that, if they dream about a scary monster, they just need to Say the Magic Word, and suddenly something good will appear to scare the monsters away. (The Secret Word, by the way, is "meatballs".)

So, in your case Jay, I'd suggest telling yourself, before bed, that if you dream about needing a weapon and not having one, you should, in your dream, clap three times fast... and suddenly you'll be holding a belt-fed .50 caliber machine gun with three laser sights and a bayonet. (What you do with it once you have it is up to you and your dream...)

Larry said...

You only have to run faster than him, right? lol