Thursday, November 14, 2013


One silver Mercedes. Slight damage to hood. If found, please shoot on sight.

Police Search For Driver Who Hit Boy In Haverhill Crosswalk
HAVERHILL (CBS) – “It was painful,” 10-year-old Aisea Cruz said as he walked out of his home in Haverhill. He’d just returned from an overnight stay in the hospital after a car hit him and took off. “I hit the hood on this side and I hit the front on this side and he checked he just took his head out and looked to see if I was okay and he just left,” Cruz said.

The fifth grader was in a crosswalk on Broadway near Lafayette Square Monday afternoon just after 5:00 with his two brothers and two cousins. The group had been to a nearby park. A truck stopped to let them cross. About that time, a silver Mercedes-Benz came around the truck and hit Aisea. “I went over the hood,” he said. He has fractures to his foot, pelvic area and ribs. “Those are tire marks,” his aunt Jennifer Cruz said as the boy lifted up his sweatshirt.
Drove around a stopped vehicle and hit a child in a crosswalk. Yeah, I think that calls for summary execution right there. Out of my gene pool, STAT.

(And no, for the fucking literal, I don't REALLY think that this driver should face the death penalty. It's called hyperbole. Deal.)

I would like to see this driver charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, because running a kid down in a crosswalk is exactly that. There's premeditation in that he went around a stopped vehicle in order to hit the kid. Then leaving the scene? I hope he gets out of his car and rushes the police officer who stops him, that's all.

And I gotta tell you folks. Had that been my truck he went around and then hit that kid? Well, we'd find out how well a Mercedes withstands a 50 MPH hit from a three ton Dodge, because I would run that fucker off the damn road. And I'll go before a judge and the face of G-d Himself and admit it proudly, too.

Yeah, I am taking this a little personally. That's the city next to my town. The kid who was hit is my daughter's age. Might even be in her Sunday School class. I have a real case of the hard ass for people who hurt kids, and may the driver of that Mercedes be cornered by that child's family someday - when there are no authorities around.

There's a good chance it might happen, too. There was a case a few years ago in this same city where some dirtbag murdered a teenager, and when he was arrested and brought into jail, the boy's family showed up and beat the living stuffing out of him as he was frog-marched into the station. The cops just stood by and watched two men beat the living road tar out of the scumbag for a while, then idly broke the fight up.

The men responsible were released on recognizances before the dirtbag was even booked - don't mess with kids in this town...

That is all.


Ed said...

Unfortunately, Jack Ruby is dead.

Shane W said...

I feel the exact same way you do Jay. Hopefully the asshat gets everything he deserves.

RabidAlien said...

Do what you will to adults. They have the option/ability/opportunity to fight back if they so desire (sure, the outcome of one guy defending himself against a half dozen is pretty much set....but to not try is even worse). Do something to a child? You are no longer human and deserve to trip repeatedly and fall up whatever convenient flight of stairs may be nearby (there should be a special entrance to the Empire State Building for this purpose. Just sayin'.) Followed by locking the turd in a very small room, well-lit, with video cameras, as multi-legged prehistoric spiders with claws coming out of their heads are released from a ceiling vent. Then toss whatever remains into General Population. Screw this driver with a rusty crowbar. Sideways. Twice.

Stretch said...

While in Jr. High I lost a classmate to a drug overdose. His mom found him in the basement next to the washer.
Later that day his brothers were "adjusting" the attitude of the pusher down at the bowling alley. Fairfax Police Officer got the drop on them.
The Officer recognized their last name and address from earlier call to the OD.
"Ya know, if you make a break for the trees I don't think I'll get a good description of you."
Alas, beat officers no longer understand the difference between the law and justice.