Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Serious, For A Change.

N.Y. congresswoman OK after being robbed
WASHINGTON — Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., was robbed Tuesday night near Capitol Hill and has returned to her regular duties.

Meng said in a statement released Wednesday by her congressional office that she was walking toward her apartment after dinner when she was struck in the back of the head near Sixth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Her assailant took her purse before fleeing from the scene.
Leaving aside the obvious comments - that she wasn't very SAFE; and that DC is a "criminal empowerment zone" - it's good that she was not seriously injured and is recovering nicely. The attack is one that may or may not have been prevented - it sounds like she was sucker-punched, although there's no way of knowing if it was a sneak attack ambush or she just wasn't paying attention to her surroundings.

I do hope that Representative Meng is more careful in the future. I suspect she will avail herself of any protection offered by DC police or the Secret Service in the future. I also suspect that this will not change her opinion of the right of the people to keep and bear arms, sadly. At least we probably won't have to endure a round of "ZOMG WE NEED PUNCHING-PEOPLE-IN-THE-HEAD CONTROL!"

It's just the height of irony that a Representative from New York would fall victim to strongarm robbery in Washington DC...

That is all.


Dave H said...

Crime affects everybody, not just us serfs. I hope they catch the creep. Even if she's a politician from NYC, nobody deserves that kind of treatment.

Anonymous said...

Capitol Police get the job of protecting the Congress critters.

Lucky them