Monday, October 14, 2013

This Could Take A While...

Fresh in off the BLNN is this little gem:

Conservative website vows to 'unmask leftists in the media'
A California conservative group is launching a bare-knuckle campaign to expose the so-called liberal media and its advertisers -- vowing to knock down the highest-profile players and “unmask leftists in the media.”

“The media must be destroyed where they stand,” Truth Revolt, a new project by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, said Sunday before launching a website. “That is our mission.”
You're going to unmask leftists in the media? How? Print the contents of an industry trade journal? Find a listing of all major news outlets? Open up a TV Guide to the news section?

I'm trying to see how this will be of any use to anyone. Look, if you can't see the leftist tilt in the media, a right-wing think-tank listing isn't going to change your mind. Even worse, if you think that the media is actually right-biased, this list is only going to reaffirm that those evil conservatives have it in for the poor struggling media.

As for going after the sponsors, well, good luck to you in that pal. You're going to find mighty slim pickings for food, shelter, clothing, etc. if you're going to boycott every advertiser that participates in supporting the mainstream media...

I'm not holding my breath waiting for this to change anything, mind you...

That is all.

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Dave H said...

Sounds like preaching to the choir to me.

Chris said...

Or, in the words of a member of this particular think tank, "We have a choir?"

How clueless does someone have to be, not only to believe that it's news that media folks are overwhelmingly liberal (and not particularly secretive about it), but to believe that announcing this fact will change anyone's mind? Non-liberals already know, and liberals don't believe it's bias ("But it's TRUE!").