Monday, October 7, 2013

The Soft Bigotry of Media Bias

Wow. Just... Wow.

Clinton navigates new divide in Democratic Party
When Lawrence Summers withdrew from consideration as the next head of the Federal Reserve, he performed a great service for the Democratic Party’s two most important figures -- Barack Obama, and his presumed (by Democrats) successor, Hillary Clinton.

The president was spared an embarrassing Senate confirmation fight, with likely defections from his own party. And, Clinton avoided an episode that might have forced her to confront a question that she has, so far, happily avoided: If she runs for president, will she dare to do so as a Clinton Democrat?
Remember, this is a story on Fox News, roundly derided by lefties up to and including President Obama as not being a "real" news channel, as being biased to the right side of the aisle, etc. And they continue this tone throughout the entire article. Folks, I direct your attention to, oh, every single media story about the Tea Party exigent.

Like this.

Or this.

Or this.

So, why, I ask, does Fox News - derisively titled "Faux News" by lefties too in love with the sound of their own voices to think about the childishness of the title, as well as being the ideological counterparts to the righties that call CNN the "Clinton News Network" - why does Fox soft-pedal the news that the "Occupy[somename] movement is co-opting the Democratic party? The "movement" that brought us people defecating on police cars, committing felonies in tents, and otherwise acting like petulant children is the new face of the Democratic party?

I understand why CNN, MSNBC, et al would be sitting on this story, but Fox, that bastion of rightwing skullduggery? Why on earth would they provide cover for the left? It's no surprise that CNN might ignore the less-savory aspects of the Occupy movement, but Fox? If they really were the Koch brothers rightwing hit machine like the left claims, shouldn't they be posting pictures like this all day long?

While the Tea Party meetings left areas cleaner than they found them, the Occupy movement often required hundreds of thousands of dollars of cleanup and police overtime. While no arrests were recorded at any Tea Party events, the same cannot be said for the rapists and thieves in the Occupy camp. The two groups could not be more different, and the same is true for the media coverage of said groups. It's sad that ideological purity blinds our media to the truth, and even sadder that this appears to be the new face of the Democratic party.

Pulling the left lurching and screaming even further left is going to do one thing and one thing only: it's going to (temporarily) hand the controls back to the Republicans, who will naturally mess everything up like they did the last time they were handed controls. Department of Homeland Security, anyone? Patriot Act? You tell the average working American that the 20-something with $500 worth of name-brand clothing, a $300 iPhone with data package, and $200,000 in student loan debt from an Ivy League college with a degree in "Seventh Century South American Women's Studies" is the new face of the Democratic party, and the only hope you'll have of winning elections is that the vast majority of Americans are too busy laughing to vote.

Seriously, Elizabeth Warren is the new face of the Democratic party? Do you have any idea how incredibly ridiculous that sounds? Without a 9:1 Democrat to Republican ratio and a fawning press (that *HATED* Scott Brown), she'd have been little more than a footnote anywhere else. This is a woman whose legal career consisted of defending Big Business against the little guy, then taking a cushy gig teaching at Harvard by claiming Native American ancestry that she did not deserve. *THIS* is your standard bearer?

Look, I get it. The media has so completely and utterly failed the American people that it's become par for the course. While George W. Bush was dismissed as the "least qualified person to ever run for President", Barack Obama and his 143 days of voting "Present" was not. George Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard was tantamount to treason, yet we still don't know anything about Barack Obama's college years. We knew Bush was a "C" student - the media made sure of that - yet who even knows that Obama went to Occidental College before Columbia?

It's real tempting to hope that the media gets exactly what it wants and the Occupy movement does take over the American left - except that what we'll be stuck with is what passes for the American "right"...

That is all.


Veeshir said...

Fox is still run by establishment types.

They don't like me anymore than Nancy Pelosi does.
Probably less, she uses me to keep her hordes of idiots riled up.

I do have to disagree on one thing,
While no arrests were recorded at any Tea Party events
At least one had some arrests, the one in St Louis where some union thugs and other Dem activists (Including a Dem pol) beat up Kenneth Gladney because he was a race traitor.

Turing word, "Agencor", kind of reminds me of Agincourt.
St. Crispin's Day appears to be coming up.

PJS said...

"bastion of skullduggery": love it.

Old NFO said...

If they go any further left, they're going to wrap back around... Just sayin...