Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before...

Doe Run workers to be cut at end of December
HERCULANEUM • About 145 employees of the Doe Run lead smelter have learned they will lose their jobs at the end of December because of the plant’s closure, the Doe Run Co. said Wednesday. An additional 73 contractor jobs also will be eliminated.

The job cuts were expected. The plant, which has operated for more than a century and is the lone remaining lead smelter in the United States, announced in 2010 that it will cease operations at the end of this year.
Lone lead smelter in the US gone out of business because they wouldn't make expensive changes to their manufacturing facility in order to appease the enviro-weenies. Wonder what we're going to do for our lead needs going forward? You know, like the ammunition our armed forces need to fight wars? Or our police forces need to train? No one thought about this, did they?

I expect no less from this administration, though. The "fundamental transformation" of America is more and more apparent every day - basically, if it makes us weaker, the Teleprompter In Chief is all for it. Make our armed forces dependent on foreign countries for basic starting materials needed for ammunition? What a great idea!

So, congratulations to the enviromentals - I just hope we stay away from anything involving a conflict for the next, oh, ever.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

"Wonder what we're going to do for our lead needs going forward?"

I'm pretty sure the answer to that starts with "Ch" and ends with "ina", because that is a great idea for national security.

joethefatman said...


I prefer to refer to them as eco-nazis or eco-fascists. Personal preference only. Not an argument starter.

Dave H said...

Some of them truly do qualify as weenies though, as in "opinionated but uninformed." I read about a guy who was gassing up his Earthf**ker when some girl in an econobox started yelling at him about raping Mother Earth. He looked at her confused for a minute, then pointed at his truck and said, "but it's a hybrid!" Her tune changed pretty quickly after that. She thanked him for being a good guy and drove off. He went by the dealership after that and ordered a "hybrid" badge to stick on his truck.

Phssthpok said...

Don't forget Batteries. Most large batteries are still based on lead/acid technology.

you think a car battery is expensive NOW?....just wait. (I'm brewing up a particularly string batch of schadenfreude for when those self same enviro-weenies find out they just doubled or tripled the cost of their off-grid/Renewable Energy battery banks...)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget though, there are at least three active lead smelters in the US still producing lead. They belong to the three massive battery companies that supply auto, industrial, and stationary batteries to the US market. East Penn, Johnson Control, and one other that I can't remember right now--and they're all expanding. Worst scenario, they can be retooled for other purposes.

Hat Trick said...

That smelter is the last "primary smelter" in the country. Primary means to smelt from raw ore. There are numerous secondary lead smelters that reprocess recyclable metals to produce lead. Still going to see an uptick in the cost of lead though as this shutdown removes a source of new lead entering the supply stream.

jed said...

> You know, like the ammunition our armed forces need to fight wars?

As in the new green 7.62 NATO round? Or the M855a1 tin/bismuth bullet? Not sure it's a big issue for them.

No, don't know that the DOD is that prescient, but it's convenient for them. And they don't care as much as you or I about the price -- hey, they aren't spending their own money.

Did a bit of fruitless searching last night about this. Didn't find what I was looking for -- i.e. what the primary lead consumption is in the US, and how much is imported. Lots of lead gets recycled. I do wonder what the impact is of one smelter closing.

Other impacted industries would be fishing and radiation shielding.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what US consumption looks like, but TFB had a graph of lead mine production by country (http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/10/20/remaining-lead-smelter-usa-closing/)

If those numbers are correct, then China already produces about as much as then next three largest producers combined (Australia, the US, and Peru respectively). I don't expect that US mine production will drop much, but it will have to be exported for smelting and then re-imported, likely at significant cost.

Peter B said...

No one thought about this, did they?

Once and twice were a long time ago, Mr. Bond.