Friday, October 25, 2013

Start Your Friday Off Right...

Brad_in_MA sends in the feel-good story of the day:

Wrigley Heiress Charters Private Plane for Marine's Dogs to Fly Cross-Country
A good Samaritan with deep pockets chartered a private jet to fly a Marine's dogs across the country to the soldier's new base on Sunday, after the pets were deemed too big to travel on commercial flights.

Helen Rosburg, the great-granddaughter of chewing gum industrialist William Wrigley, said she was more than happy to help out Andrew Morales and his family upon hearing that they may have to leave their beloved pets behind.
There are a fair number of people that think that just because a person is worth over [some random large number] that they deserve to have their money taken away. They think that this money certainly must have been gotten off the backs of the workers; that there's no way an honest person could make that kind of money without someone else suffering. These people are idiots, mind you, but they are out there.

Whenever you hear someone talk mindlessly about the "wealthiest 1%", remember that folks like Ms. Rosburg are solidly in that 1%. Without the money from her family's business concerns, she wouldn't be able to help folks like this Marine - not that it would matter to those who would love to use the power of the government to take her money away at gunpoint.

Here's another thing to consider. She doesn't have to do her philanthropic work. She could very easily re-invest her money into concerns that will make more money for her rather than spend it on concerns that don't directly involve her. Now, if the government starts taking more and more of her money - and remember, under our tax system, the wealthiest pay more proportionally anyways - will she continue her work? Or will she very quietly just fold up shop and stop helping?

Of course, more cynical folks might think that's the government's plan in the first place...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

When did the government come up with a special "wealth tax"? As far as I know, she can only be taxed on her income, not on wealth already accumulated. Do you know something the rest of us don't?