Thursday, October 3, 2013


Stretch sent in this picture after I informed him that he had won the .22LR ammo prize package. His e-mail's subject header said it all: "Why I am SO happy I won ..."

I recognize the Hi-Standard H-D Military on the top left; I believe the second one down on the right is a Hi-Standard as well (HF?); and the third auto on the right is a Hi-Standard Model A. Second down on the left is a Colt Woodsman if my memory serves; and below that is a Ruger Mark I, with a Single Six on the bottom right. Can't quite place the one with the interchangeable barrels, though.

Mighty nice lookin' family photo, Stretch - thanks for sharing!

That is all.


Ancient Woodsman said...

That top one with barrel weights appears to be a High Standard Supermatic.

Dave H said...

Now that's a beautiful collection right there. A Whitney Wolverine would round it out nicely.

Anonymous said...

No S&W M18?

Phil L. said...

I believe the Ruger is a Mark II, due to the recesses in front of the bolt's cocking ears. I have the target model, which features a bull barrel.

Stretch said...

From top to bottom:
High Standard 101 with extra .22short barrel and aluminum slide. Both barrels have optional weights attached.
HS Model H-D Military
HS Model E
Colt Woodsman ca. 1929
HS Model A
Ruger Mk II
Ruger Single-Six