Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scenes From Packing, Part IV

Hoo, boy, this was a good one. So, I'm cleaning out the hall closet, when in the back I come across a camera bag. This puzzled me, because I had thought that all of my camera needs were accounted for. Plus it was a pretty good sized bag. Opened it up to see what was inside, and lo and behold, here it is:

Yep, a "Palm"Corder. A personal video recording device smaller than a Japanese automobile. We picked this up in the later part of the 1990s for an obscene amount of money after borrowing my dad's 8mm on our honeymoon and really enjoying the small camera. A good friend of mine (infrequent commenter and MArooned roving reporter SCI-FI) had a full-sized VHS recorder that I think he finally got rid of by renting it out as a studio apartment in Boston.

Out of curiosity, we hooked this up to our TV and played the tape inside it for a while. It's our son's first year of life in little 10 minute snippets, and it was really neat seeing a snapshot of life 12 years ago. Also, we cried at how clean the house was. At one point in the video I started raving about the camera and how small it was, how light and convenient, etc.

Two years later, we would get a digital camera with video capabilities, and the Palmcorder was relegated to the back of the closet. We realized that for 98% of our video needs, 2-5 minutes of downloadable goodness was more than sufficient, so the digital camera became our video recorder. Much later, I picked up a Sony HandyCam for video work for the blog, and when I saw how enormous the Palmcorder was next to it I had to compare:

Yes, that's the battery to the Palmcorder. The Handycam is only slightly longer, about the same height, and slimmer than the battery of the Palmcorder. It also has a better zoom, longer battery life, and HD video capability. Not to mention, it can record about two hours on a tiny little SD card.

We've come a long way since the Palmcorder days!

That is all.


igor said...

Speaking of palmcorders.... I came to your site as Tam or Brigid or somebody said that you were leaving Mass and moving to NOVA, where we live. I assume that you are already connected with folks, here, but I would be glad to help to introduce you to the area and its ranges.

Dave H said...

I've still got a VHS-C tape at home from our "little" video camera we had back in the 90s. I need to get it digitized before the tape crumbles away. It's all family stuff, and I know the kids would like video of their mom.

Mike_C said...

What's next, Jimmy Hoffa? That said, if you find a Nikon One rangefinder with 24x32-mm film gate and 50mm f/2 collapsable lens in the back of a cupboard, give me a call and I'll be right over to take that piece of useless old trash off your hands.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

We still have some old home movies my dad shot on a VHS camera. Not a camCORDER, because the recorder was not built-in. The camera is about the size of the full-size VHS camcorders, but there was also a full size VHS VCR he would carry around in a large satchel. (plus however big the lead-acid battery for such a monstrosity would be)

He would carry it all day at Disney World, I wonder what the battery life on that thing was. My guess would be "not much".