Thursday, October 24, 2013

Only The Police Should Have Guns, Part ???

*sigh* Stop me if you've heard this one before. Only the police should [have guns, carry guns, be allowed to bring guns onto school grounds, have standard capacity magazines, etc.] because they are the professionals and they have all this awesome extra training, right? Fresh off the BLNN is this story that begs to differ...

3 children treated after police officer's gun accidentally goes off at California school
CHINO, Calif. – Authorities say a police officer's gun accidentally fired during a school safety demonstration in Southern California and three children were treated for minor injuries.

Tamrin Olden, the Chino Police Department's crime prevention supervisor, says the gun went off at around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday during a safety presentation at Newman Elementary School in the city east of Los Angeles.
Any bets on whether the gun *really* "accidentally" went off, or if it was officer error? I mean, I know here in Massachusetts the police are allowed to carry "unsafe" firearms - Glocks are a common police sidearm, and yet they cannot be sold to non-Law Enforcement because they do not meet the MA Attorney General's sooper seekrit criteria for sale in MA. Even though Glock handguns are in fact on the "Approved Firearms Roster" {spit}.

Newsflash, eggheads. Guns DON'T just "go off". A modern firearm, such as that carried by *any* modern police force needs a rather substantial amount of pressure to be applied to the trigger to release the sear. If no pressure is put on the trigger, that sear isn't going anywhere. Sargent Boogerhook was doing SOMETHING to his firearm, plain and simple - and as a result, three school children were sent to the hospital.

Anyone want the over-under on Officer Boogerhook getting fired? Yeah, I didn't think so. He'll get a nice little paid vacation while they "investigate" (really? They need an investigation? Impound the firearm and check the sear and trigger. Unless there's some magical malfunction that causes it to fire all on its own, there is no "accident" here. This is someone touching a firearm in a way as to cause it to discharge while in a damn school.

I can't carry in a school. In the vast majority of states out there, concealed carry permit holders cannot carry into schools. Yet police can, and here we have an instance where a negligent officer's actions caused harm to schoolchildren. If I injured someone through my own carelessness with my firearm, I would expect at a bare minimum to lose my gun permit and be sued into the poorhouse. Put a badge on me, though, and I get a paid vacation.

I don't mean to pick on the police with these stories. I'm certain that the vast majority are appalled at this story and would most likely enjoy teaching Officer Boogerhook the four rules of gun safety - using a 2 X 4 and a branding iron. But it certainly doesn't help any that I - who has never shot anyone else in the nearly 20 years I have owned a firearm - can't carry on school grounds, but any police officer can. The thought that police automatically have better training than non-cops is patently false and has been proven so reliably through the ages.

What gets me, though, is that concealed carry permit holders are constantly being referred to like we're children in the media. You can't carry a gun in [insert location here] because gun owners are mature enough to handle the awesome power of a firearm. Officer ButterBar McShootie over there, though, is perfectly fine to leave his gun on a toilet tank for a young child to find - oh, and without permissions of any sort, either.

Some animals really are more equal than others...

That is all.


DJ9 said...

Great read, Jay!

In the last para, I think you may have missing word or typo in the line that reads "You can't carry a gun in [insert location here] because gun owners are mature enough to handle the awesome power of a firearm." Shouldn't "are" actually be "aren't"?

Congrats on the new gig, too!


ASM826 said...

For sure, it was unholstered. That was unnecessary unless he had made a decision that there was an imminent need. Everything else that happened, up to the time he went boogerhook to bangswitch, followed from the first bad decision.

Anonymous said...

Kid managed to fire a rifle secured to a police motorcycle. The level of fail is high in this situation.

Crotalus said...

As Anonymous said, I heard that some kid fired an AR15 in a rack on the bike. Ossifer McDumdum wasn't watching close enough, so there's a lot of fail here, but it apparently is not a "Lee Paige" moment.

Anonymous said...

From a report from The Daily Mail
the gun, an AR-15, was mounted on a
rack attached to a motorcycle on
display during a drug prevention
assembly. At the time of the shooting
officers were playing 4 square and
handing out stickers to the children.
At around 11:15 AM a child managed to
pull the trigger on the weapon. The
bullet hit a protective metal plate
and shattered, causing debris to hit
3 children.

Police have yet to explain why a
weapon brought onto school property
for demonstration purposes was loaded.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is just a prime example of the Eeeeeeevil AR-15 going off without warning to harm school children.

They must all be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaanned.

Warning Will Robinson!! Danger!!!! Danger!!!!

The above said with toungue firmly in cheek. Cause you know damn well some gun banning ninny will make this kind of claim.

Joseph in IL

Anonymous said...

... Um, why the heck was there a round in the chamber? You don't actually pull the charging handle until -after- you pull it out of the vehicle rack, and you download it to magazine-only again before you put it back. Hit a hard enough bump, and you -can- have an AD/ND through the roof in a patrol vehicle (I know of light bars with .223 AND 12 gauge holes in them), because ARs and shotguns have floating firing pins. It takes a terrific jolt to do it, but it has happened.

Factor in the potential for bad juju in a motorcycle wreck, even more so than a car, and I cannot imagine why the chamber was loaded in the rack.

Officer Dumbass indeed.

Michael W. said...

Jay I could tell you stories that would make your hair turn grey (never mind)

Police work and the people who enter it have DRAMATICLY changed since the long ago days that I first put on a badge. In my time I met officers who did not even want to carry any type of weapon, much less a firearm. I've seen many unintentional discharges, (I can't call them accidental) I have seen "misplaced" firearms, firearms brought in to duty in various pieces in paper sacks, I've even had one fellow who rubbed garlic on his bullets like he saw in a movie to cause blood poisoning in anyone he shot. (thank the gods he didn't last long)

As long as we continue to recruit from the base that we have and continue to run agencies with the mindset of political correctness and the overwhelming urge to militarize police work, things will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Let's see now

Evil Black Firearm - Check
In a School - Check
Violation of the Four Rules of Gun Safety - Check
Injured Children - Check
Luckily no one was killed - Check

Now may we PLEASE have commonsense gun control measures???? ROTFLMAO till my sides hurt.

I wonder what teleprompter president boy has to say about that one? How about Diane Feinstein? the Brady Bunch, HGC, inc. ( I hear crickets)

After his paid vacation he'll no doubt get a $38,000 workman's comp settlement because...

Ed said...

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that any group of people have differing rights from other groups of people? This nonsense needs to end now.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

I do not see any exceptions in that, where all but police officers are infringed in the keeping and bearing arms in schools. This is a violation of our civil rights. I do not consider that police officers possess any better judgement capabilities than the rest of us. They are not ubermensch and we are not untermensch.