Thursday, October 17, 2013


Eating bacon lowers sperm quality, study shows
Eating bacon can significantly lower a man’s sperm quality, Medical Daily reported.

In a study presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s 2013 Annual Meeting in Boston, researchers from Harvard University gathered data from 156 men who were undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVR) with a partner. Each couple was asked questions about their diet, including how often they consumed processed meat, red meat, white meat, poultry, and fish.
It's a bit of a stretch from processed meat to "ZOMG Teh bacon leads to faulty sperm", but it does make a good headline, doesn't it? I would imagine that it's more of a whole lifestyle thing - someone that eats a lot of processed meats and foods is less likely to be in top physical condition, and if the reproductive equipment is marginal to begin with, that might be enough to push from "good enough" to "not gonna make a baby".

All I'm going to say is that when I was in my younger, less health conscious years - which, incidentally, happen to be when I assisted in the production of not one but two healthy children - I ate more than my fair share of processed meat. Now, maybe I was lucky, or perhaps it's one of those cases where the diet is a contributing factor, but let's not take chances here. This is bacon we're talking about...

And, obviously, we know that bacon vodka does not impair one's baby making skills...

That is all.

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Dave H said...

I know a LOT of guys who loved their bacon, and they never had any problem in that area. More kids meant more people to buy bacon for them in their declining years.

wv: Tshipsy - what you get after drinking too much bacon vodka.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, since this came from Harvard, one must speculate on what a "Normal" Sperm Cell IS. I'm guessing that Bacon Eaters tend to have Children that Hunt, Fish, Shoot, Vote Conservative, etc.

And of course, according to Harvard, that isn't "Normal."

Anonymous said...

Lower quality? HA!

I will release a study that shows eating bacon results in happier and friendlier sperm.

I just need CDC to fork over $3 million and I can finish the report.


Angus McThag said...

The towel does not grade the quality of the effort.

Ancient Woodsman said...

Sounds like a bunch of baloney to me.

Ed said...

Do pepperoni pizza and pastrami sandwiches count?

But of course, my sperm is nothing but the highest quality. That's my story, and I am sticking to it.