Monday, October 28, 2013

Buddy, Can You Spare $200K?

Because I REALLY want this:
The Authentic 1966 Batmobile.
So accurate it requires almost a year to complete, this is the officially licensed, roadworthy replica of the Batmobile featured in the iconic 1960s TV show. Built on a custom Lincoln chassis, this crime-fighting cruiser comes standard with a 430-horsepower, 383 Blueprint Crate engine and a Monster TH350 automatic transmission.
Boy, but that's tempting. Sure, for $200K you could get an exotic supercar or a fancy ubersedan, but neither would be as cool as the Batmobile. Sure, a Lamborghini will get you there faster, and a Maybach will be more comfortable, but the Batmobile is, well, the Batmobile.

I wonder if you have to pay extra for the Boy Wonder ejection seat?

That is all.

Thanks to Stretch for the link!


Dave H said...

I saw one of these at a bike show in Rochester a couple of years ago. Apparently you can make the purchase price back in appearance fees in just a couple of years.

(Not really, but telling that to your better half after spending that kind of money on the car -might- keep you from getting burned at the stake.)

Old NFO said...

Having seen the real one, and knowing where #2 is sitting, no I wouldn't pay that much for it... :-)

Formynder said...

Complete with the DC Comics certificates of Authenticity, from $80k up to $240k.

Ross said...

You can keep your Batmobile, Jay... I'll wave to you from my Mach 5.