Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And The Lucky Number Is ... Four?

Several folks sent me this addition from Down East...

Intruder shot to death in Maine home invasion
ROME, Maine (AP) — Maine State Police say a man was shot to death in the town of Rome as he was attempting a home invasion.

Police said 44-year-old Christopher Dennison of Livermore Falls was wearing a ski mask and brass knuckles as he broke into a mobile home on Foss Hill Lane on Saturday night.
Rome, ME is not exactly BFE, but it's definitely out of the way. Friends of ours have a cabin in Belgrade, which is south of Rome, and that's a good half-hour off I-95 by itself. This is an area where it may very well take the police half an hour to get to your call, because there's only one or two cruisers covering an entire county. This is exactly the kind of place where you pretty much need to depend on yourself in a situation like this, and it's good to see that the homeowner was not following the advice of MA AG Coakley and did practice self-help.

Dead Goblin Count: 444

That is all.

Side note: Rome is also the town where the infamous Maine hermit was captured.


Weer'd Beard said...

Rome, Paris, Lebanon, Mexico, Calais.

If you can find a SINGLE home in any of these tiny Maine towns named after big cities/countries I'd be impressed.

Committing crime in sleepy rural towns is a good way to get shot.

J.D. Brown. said...

Jay, it might not be BFE but you can see it from there. I know, I grew up in Rome a couple miles from where that shooting was.

Weerd, you aren't wrong on that.