Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And Another One!

My kilted brother-from-another-mother Jeff B. sent this one in.

Vietnam veteran shoots, kills intruder
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A suspect in an attempted home invasion was killed Monday after being shot by the homeowner, according to Fort Wayne police.

Police were called just before midnight Monday to a shooting on Melita Street, near downtown Fort Wayne.
Vietnam veteran - yup, sure enough, he's in his 70s. The man he shot was in his 20s. The Bradys and MAIG would rather a seventy year old veteran fight a man 50 years his junior hand-to-hand rather than use an appropriate tool. Where is the logic in that? We are tool-using monkeys - without the ability to use tools, we would have ceased to exist as a species. Yet when it comes to protecting ourselves, the privileged elite (who, remember, all live in gated communities and have armed bodyguards) wish us to take a step backwards in tool selection.

I fail to see why a man in his seventies who has served his country in war time should be reduced to grappling with a home invader. This isn't the Middle Ages, where might made right, and only the strong and powerful were able to adequately defend themselves. Although one thing hasn't changed since the Middle Ages - the wealthy and connected still have the finest in personal protection.

They must really hate that the masses can protect themselves as well...

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That is all.

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Formynder said...

I do find it funny how the news loves to classify people off events years in the past. I deployed to Afghanistan for a single year, and I could easily picture them calling me an Afghan vet if I were involved in a home defense case like this, even though I wasn't infantry and didn't get all that much combat training.