Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 KIlted To Kick Cancer Fundraiser Recap

Ambulance Driver has an excellent recap of the 2013 KTKC fundraiser.

Well, as the kilts are put away for another year:

We see the end to another year's Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser. $12,000 our first year. Double that our second. We had hoped to double yet again, but I think the economy just didn't permit folks that kind of discretionary income. Over the course of three months (September 2011, 2012, and 2013), we've managed to collect over $50,000 for prostate cancer research. Not bad for a motley assembly of gun- and EMS- bloggers...

I'd like to thank everyone that contributed prizes for my portion of the KTKC fundraising challenge:

  • The Amazing Dr. Mike, my red-headed blog stepchild, for the awesome Pirate and Indian Action Playsets.
  • The good folks at LaserLyte, for the LC9 laser and the pistol bayonets and shotgun mount.
  • The good folks at Tapco for the forend grip. 
  • Glenn B., for adding to both the multi-fun pack and the time on your hands prize package. 
  • York Arms, for a one-of-a-kind custom AR-15 lower.
  • Bruce, for the still-incredibly-hard-to-find .22LR.
  • Gallery of Guns for the LaserLyte Training pistol and LT-Pro.

Also, I went through my spreadsheet for ticket allocations, and I still have over a dozen folks that have not told me their allocations. I thought I had responded to everyone that sent in a notice, but I had a few folks send in e-mails that I'd already allocated. Apologies if I forgot to send a notice. If you haven't told me your allocations, I'll leave it open through today to get replies in. I'll pick the winners tonight and have them posted tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone who gave prizes and everyone who donated - I think we all win here!!!

That is all.


libertyman said...

There's a lot of frilly, brightly colored things in that closet -- are you sure its yours?

libertyman said...

it's yours.

Glenn B said...

I always wondered if he wore anything under those kilts but now that I see some of the things in his closet - I do not want to know!

Glenn B said...


Great work in the fund raiser. You out did the rest by far - good for you because of your efforts and I guess because you look so gosh darned noble in a kilt!

All the best,
Glenn B

Anonymous said...

*in super hero announcer voice*
And Jay goes back in the closet...until next year when it reappears to fight the EVIL that is CANCER!!!