Sunday, September 8, 2013

YAY! Win Stuff!

Aaron has the monthly roundup of gun and related giveaways.

A quick look at the handgun list reveals not a single MA-approved handgun. About half the rifles are ban-compliant, and all of the shotguns listed (all pump-action). There's some pretty neat accessories available, and even an ammo coupon (if you can find any; I've heard rumors that it's starting to come back in stock but the local shelves don't bear that out...)Thanks, Aaron, for keeping this list!

Go, click, and you might just win!

That is all.

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Ed said...

Massachusetts, California, New York, New Jersey and Colorado along with any other states that become inspired by the stupids need to get out of the "compliance requirements" business. Any weapon is only as safe as the human being holding it. If the legislators do not trust their citizens' judgements, what does it say that those same citizens voted for them? Besides recalling or voting out any legislator who votes for such legislation or governor who signs such legislation, juries of those same citizens need to disable those laws by not voting to indict or convict anyone of those laws.