Monday, September 23, 2013

Wait. WHAT?

Stretch sent this in. Assuming that this report is correct as written, WTFF?

Navy Yard shooting: Swat team awaits answers
The Capitol Police tactical response team was told by a supervisor to leave the scene instead of aiding municipal officers, sources told the BBC.

Meanwhile, the department has installed a new leader of the elite unit. No reason has been given for the decision.
So, let me get this straight. In the middle of an active shooter scenario, the SWAT team was told to ... cool their heels? The folks best equipped and trained to deal with an active shooter were sidelined in favor of, what, exactly? Officers on the scene were overwhelmed and asking for help, and the response was to tell the SpecOps guys to stand down? Really? Every small town in America has a SWAT team at the ready that gets used to serve parking ticket subpoenas, yet when there's a shooting incident in gun-free Washington DC the rapid response guys are sent away?

And why are we hearing about this through the BBC? I would think that the tactical tommies being told they weren't needed while people were getting killed would be big news, no? I'd sure hate to think that the media is deliberately sandbagging this story because it makes the police - who they will not hesistate to tell you to call rather than carrying a firearm, mind you - look inefficient and clownish. We won't even go down the rabbit hole of wondering *why* on earth the SWAT team wasn't used during a mass shooting in Washington DC.

It's really hard to listen to President Obama tell us that "something must be done" when we can't and won't use the tools that are already in place. Police in several different locations reported dealing with Alexis in the months and years leading up to the event, yet he was never declared ineligible to own firearms - or even losing his security clearance. When the shooting started, the people best equipped and trained to handle it were specifically told not to engage - on what planet does this make sense? It's difficult to believe that petty politics or internecine squabbling led to unnecessary delays in police response that might have cost lives.

Too many questions that will most likely never be answered - except for more calls for gun control...

That is all.


Geodkyt said...

Oh, last week, DC's mayor publically called for an inquiry into this. The usual suspects in the gun grabbing camp (covert media task force) said he was just trying to deflect coverage into the corruption of his administration (well, it is pretty corrupt).

But I do not recall any major national coverage -- only local and very muted.

Ancient Woodsman said...

"The (SOCOM) team was told by a supervisor to (not go to the) the scene instead of aiding (embassy) officers, sources told the BBC.

Meanwhile, the (State) department has installed a new leader. No reason has been given for the decision."

Your post reflects on the Navy Yard shooting, my correction reflects on the Benghazi thing. It appears that "not responding" is the new response...any questions?

ASM826 said...

The answers are plain enough. It's the conclusions those answers present that makes them hard to accept.

What does it tell you when the logical explanation for turning the SWAT guys away is that they wanted the highest possible body count because it advances the narrative?

How highly managed are these events, anyway?

Mark White said...
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Anonymous said...

When ‘leadership’ finds ‘X’ abhorrent, they put in charge those who find ‘X’ abhorrent.

In place of ‘X’ you can put ‘war’, police’, ‘business’, ‘finance’, etc…

To grok, put in place of ‘X’, ‘surgery’.

Angus McThag said...

Once it was determined that that the suspect had not brought a dog, there was nothing for SWAT to do.

Glenn B said...

This was widely reported a day or two after the shooting. I would think that the guy who had them stand down should be horse whipped, then prosecuted criminally, then civilly.

EricN said...

One might think the powers that be wanted to ensure lots of deaths. Cynical eh?

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to believe the story that it came down to a [redacted] turf dispute between jurisdictions. Which changes neither the outcome nor the stupidity.


Anonymous said...

I agree , locals, DOD, other Feds LEO is nothing but a ball of confusion. They did not have the ability to communicate with each other as well


Anonymous said...

Before going nuts on this, need to check some stuff.
They arrived 16 minutes after first call, was there another team or other cops already doing the search? If so, you are looking at a deconflict.