Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Additions In A Row!

A whole bunch of folks sent me this one. It's a good'un!

Robbery victim confronted at a Redbox, shoots attacker to death
HOUSTON - A robbery took a deadly turn outside a north Houston McDonald’s after police said a man shot and killed a suspected robber who tried to steal his car.
Police said two suspects got out of the vehicle and robbed the man at gunpoint, stealing his cell phone, keys and wallet. However, police said the victim also had a gun on him at the time.
Mr. CHL holder proceeded to empty his pistol into both attackers, killing one on the spot and severely wounding the other.

[pauses to let cheers die down]

This is one of those cases where IMHO it is perfectly acceptable to give the robbers what they want. You see, when someone sticks a gun in your face and threatens your life with it, what they obviously want is a face full of lead, because that's what they should be getting. They had this guy's car, his wallet, his ID; they had everything they needed to go back later and rob his house, terrorize him, or even kill him at their leisure. They have his ID, they know where he lives, and they have the keys to the house. They have already demonstrated a propensity for using violence to get what they want, so there is little doubt they wouldn't continue this trend.

Well, one cannot continue the circle, and the other is going to be facing some serious time. That CHL holder just saved the good people of Texas a lot of time, money, and police manpower. Because of his quick actions, there's one crook that won't get a chance to graduate to the "until they kill someone" school; and another that will most likely be in jail too long for it to make a difference - I believe Texas has the law where if you are committing a crime and someone (anyone) gets killed, you can be charged with murder.

Good shooting, Mr. CHL holder!

Dead Goblin Count: 438

That is all.


Armed Texan said...

The way I see it, he was complying with the robbers' demands. They wanted his valuables and with ammo scarcity and pricing these days, copper jacketed lead and brass were probably the most valuable things he was carrying.

Bob S. said...

And don't forget how Texas protects people who use lethal force:

§83.001. CIVIL IMMUNITY. A defendant who uses force or deadly force that is justified under Chapter 9, Penal Code, is immune from civil liability for personal injury or death that results from the defendant’s use of force or deadly force, as applicable.

Yep. If it is ruled (and without a doubt it will be) justifiable homicide; any civil suit will be tossed out.

Geodkyt said...

Armed robbery (including "strong arm") is an implied proposed transaction:

"I will kill you if you do not give me X"

The semantically proper way to punctuate this proposal is with a period after the first use of the word "you".

The morally appropriate counterproposal is "slide lock".