Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tonight, On Squirrel Report...

You know if it's Thursday, it's time for the Squirrel Report!

Hypocritical lefties (formerly anti-war when the President was a Republican) and righties (formerly pro-war when the President was a Republican), the police state goes even deeper and further back than we had previously thought, John Kerry has flip-flopped so many times now Dr. Scholl's is going to sign him up as a spokesman, and more! Tonight's call-in topic is your best guess on what politicians are going to flop on next. And remember, that call in number is 214-530-0036! Squirrel Report chat is the happenin'est place in town - be there tonight!

Squirrel Report - because who else do you trust with your nuts?

That is all.

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