Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There Is Still Goodness In This World

Jacqueline in Texas sends in the feel good story of the day, week, heck possibly even the month:

Stranger pays for 'special' family's dinner
(CNN) - A dinner out turned into an experience of a lifetime for a North Carolina family thanks to one stranger's heartfelt gesture.

Ashley England and her family want to thank a customer who paid for their meal Friday night and left behind a touching note about their special needs son. A photo of the note has gone viral, shared with thousands of people on Facebook.
Their son, who suffers from epilepsy that leaves him unable to speak, was having a rough night and was throwing a tantrum in the restaurant. Now, I remember when my kids were at the tantrum throwing stage. I carried my daughter out of a number of restaurants before she finally got the idea that throwing tantrum = bye bye. I can only imagine it's orders of magnitude harder with a child with other challenges.

Rather than stew silently, or make snide comments, a random stranger committed an anonymous act of kindness and paid for the family's meal. "That which you do for the least of my children, you do for me". That's goodness right there. That's a giving, Christian thing to do. Rather than judge, ignore, or walk away, they took positive steps and turned a bad night into a good one.

Bravo, anonymous giver, bravo.

That is all.

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Jennifer said...

Bravo Indeed! A round of applause for the stranger.